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NYC's newest Latin supper club - Live music nightly - dinner & dancing - In the heart of NYC's meat-packing district


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domingo, 04 noviembre 2012, 01:48 pm

Song of the Day - Conga Tour

Now THIS is what I'm Talkin' About!

New Van Van "Conga Tour"  featuring Mandy Cantero on lead vocals

I've decided to start sharing some of my favorite videos here at, not just at Facebook. So let me start with El Tren, La Maquinaria, whatever you want to call them, Juan Formell & Los Van Van are back with an estreno 2012 and I am in love again! This song makes me crazy to hit the dance floor immediately!  It's another song with Mandy Cantero, the newest Van Van, on lead and despite the name it is not a conga. It is timba, baby, timba. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more of my favorite videos!

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sábado, 03 noviembre 2012, 08:34 am

MB y Salsa Mayor - "A toda máquina"

Anniversary Party & CD Promotion Tonight!

Maykel Blanco

Tonight is the long awaited and slightly delayed anniversary party for Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor at Casa de la Música Galiano. The band's eight year anniversary passed in October, but the official party was pushed back until November. As they say, No hay mal que por bien no venga and in this case Maykel is combining the the anniversary party with promotion for the new CD "A toda máquina". If you have signed up for newsletters from their web page, you already know that the CD consist of 13 tracks, including "El songo de todos" with the participation of many of the most popular young singers in Cuba today: El Noro, Christian and Rey Alonso, Emilio Frias "El Niño ", Ailyn, as well as Salsa Mayor singers Yasser, Yordis and Alexis David. Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor continue to be one of the most popular young bands in Cuba and one of the bright spots on the timba horizon. The CD should be released by Planet Records in December making it the holiday gift of 2012 for all the timberos on your list!

Track List: 
Son estos
El artista soy yo
Tremenda pinta
Anda por la calle
Tú no eres mi amigo
El songo de todos
Un kilo
Pa' que se te quite
Hazte la que no me ves
La figura

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miércoles, 31 octubre 2012, 05:20 am

Havana D'Primera en Miami - One night only!

Debut y despedida de Havana D' Primera en Miami

**LATEST UPDATES - 2 more shows added, new website for The Place, new ticket link
Click here to visit our HDP Tours page for the new show listings in Seattle & Portland.

Havana D' Primera en Miami @ The Place - November 25 2012 = Cuban Music News

Domingo 25 de Noviembre 4pm de la tarde 
1ra Funcion. Para Reservaciones (786) 400-5191 o (888) 584-3070
Alexander Abreu & Havana D' Primera en Concierto Bailable
Sunday, November 25, 2012 at 4:00 PM

"The Place" - 833 South West 29Th Ave. - Miami, , Florida
Phone: (888) 584-3070

Domingo, 25 de Noviembre 2012 marca el debut y despedida de Alexander Abreu y Havana D'Primera en Miami. Este será el úlitmo concierto en los Estados Unidos y su debut en Miami. 

Para boletos llame al +1.888.584.3070
Pronto actualizamos este escrito con el enlace para compra de boletos en linea
THE PLACE - 833 SW 29nth Avenue, Miami FL 33139
Reservación 305-642-6994

The Miami debut and farewell US show of Alexander Abreu y Havana D' Primera will take place at THE PLACE in Miami = 833 SW 29nth Avenue, Miami FL 33139 = on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

Havana D Primera in Miami - One night only - Cuban music news - noticias de musica cubana

This post will be updated wth the ticket link a.s.a.p., in the meantime tickets can be purchased by calling toll-free +1.888.584.3070

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lunes, 29 octubre 2012, 02:18 pm


Oct. 31 - Polideportivo de la PUCP

I had the privilege of seeing Pablo Milanés for the first time two weeks ago in Madrid. The concert report is pending but I want to make sure everybody knows that Pablo is still on tour and will perform this Wednesday, October 31 at Polideportivo de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. This is truly a must-not-miss concert.

Pablo Milanés & Andrés Suárez - Madrid - Teatro Caser Calderón          Pablo Milanés in Madrid after the show with his opening act Andrés Suárez

In addition to the tour, Pablo is about to release a new CD that is going under the working title "Renacimiento". On this album he has continued incorporating Cuban traditional dance music, this time using rumba and changüí in his arrangements. His popularity with the younger generation of troveros has led to recent collaborations with artists such as Maná, Buena Fe and Andrés Suárez.

Pablo Milanés' musical career spans more than 50 years. From the very start he was a part of some of the most interesting and important developments in Cuban trova music, from his collaboration with Grupo de Experimentación Sonora de ICAIC (GESI) to his decisive roll as one of the founders of the Nueva Trova movement in Cuba and Latin America. While he has faced controversy at times for always speaking his mind, his fans deeply love him as you can see in the video below from the Madrid concert, which he closed with: "El breve espacio en que no está" . Stay tuned for the full concert report.

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