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miércoles, 07 agosto 2013, 02:28 pm

Pacific Mambo Orchestra Preps for National Tour

~3000 Strong at the Civic Center Plaza & Lawn Downtown Los Gatos

In preparation for their upcoming national tour, the Pacific Mambo Orchestra played the open air lawn to more than 3000 at the Civic Center Plaza in downtown Los Gatos. Sharpening their set and show, the PMO featured 6 saxes, 4 trumpets and 4 trombones...a veritable wall of classic mambo sounds. Visit the official tour page here.

Click HERE to view the full PMO Show Photo Gallery by Peter Maiden 

Jorge Pomar, Bass, with the Band

Co-leader & trumpeter Steffen Kuehn

Co-leader Cirstian Tumalan on the piano and keytar

The Pacific Mambo Orchestra in Full Swing

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martes, 06 agosto 2013, 07:40 pm

COSAS DE CASA ...la musica en caliente

"El Poeta de la Rumba" Mayito Rivera se une al equipo de TIMBA.com

Mayito River - "El poeta de la rumba" Mayito Rivera "El Poeta de la Rumba" photo courtesy of mayitorivera.net

Editor's Note: A venerable rumba poet and former lead vocalist of the legendary Cuban band Los Van Van, the now solo artist Mario "Mayito" Rivera joins the blog writing team here at TIMBA.com to bring us a fresh perspective from a singer's point of view.  Here, in his first article, we begin to recognize his direction and fundamental philosophy, and like all of you, we highly anticipate his views and comments. We will provide Mayito with uncensored support and sincerely hope you all enjoy his new column.

Nota del redactor: El poeta de la rumba, ex-cantante del la legendaria orquesta cubana Los Van Van, y ahora un artista solista, Mario "Mayito" Rivera, se una al grupo de escritores de TIMBA.com para traerles la persepectiva y punto de vista de un sonero y intérprete del género. Aquí, en su primer artículo, empezamos a reconocer su dirección y concepto fundamental, y como todos ustedes, esperamos sus opiniones y observaciones con mucha anticipación. Le brindamos el apoyo a Mayito sin censura. Que lo disfruten.

Resulta difícil analizar con certeza todo lo que está pasando dentro del mundo musical, tantos y tantos proyectos en todos los rincones del universo, todos tratando de abrir caminos y crecer. Es digno de admirar, de verdad es algo muy serio a tener en cuenta...y me detengo aquí, para hacer una observación que pocas veces decimos aunque en verdad creo que casi todos valoramos y sabemos. Me quiero referir al honor que representa para CUBA, para nuestra cultura en particular, el fenómeno mundial que se ha desatado a partir de la música cubana bailable...llamase son, timba , rumba y otros géneros. Se trata simplemente del solo hecho de HACER BAILAR, hermosa contribución al patrimonio universal de la humanidad, hoy el mundo BAILA, el mundo se mueve, con el ritmo de los cubanos...de nuestra humilde tierra, encerrada y asediada por las carencias materiales de todo tipo, carencias que todos los que allí vivimos sabemos y conocemos, hasta la hemos aprendido a soportar y casi tengo la seguridad que se ha convertido en un GAME para the daily life del cubano...

Dale clic aquí para seguir leyendo el primer artículo de
Mayito Rivera "El Poeta de la Rumba".

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martes, 06 agosto 2013, 01:36 am

Not For Cubans Only, Part I:

Chicago's 4th Annual Festival Cubano

Every village has its idiot, and this one had a couple of them running about in the audience, but that didn't bother the 99.9% of the people who understood that the object was to celebrate, and celebrate they did.  The neighbors were all invited too, and they came to the party in droves.  Festival Cubano gave Chicago a much-needed Timba fix while scratching the itch for traditionalists and the youngsters as well, and for that, we salute it. 

Click here for part 1 of our coverage with a story and photo gallery.  Part 2 will follow soon.

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lunes, 05 agosto 2013, 07:40 am

NY Cuban Jazz Alert!

Enildo Rasua Tuesday August 6, Osmany Paredes Wednesday, August 7

On Tuesday, August 6 at 7:30pm, Cuban percussionist/composer Enildo Rasua will be performing at the Jazz Standard in a quartet with Troy Roberts on saxophone, Ben Winkleman on piano and Ricky Rodriguez on bass.   Enildo is the creator of the "Third Hand" technique which uses three drumsticks to play both drum kit and other percussion instruments at the same time.  Enildo's career covers a lot of ground both as a performer and an instructor, and this should be worth checking out. 

On Wednesday, August 7 at 9:30 pm, 11:00 pm and 1:00 am, composer/pianist Osmany Paredes, another artist in the new wave of Cuban Jazz musicians shaking things up in New York, will be performing at the Zinc Bar with his quartet. Osmany's early career included time with Charanga America, Enrique Jorrin and Bobby Carcasses. He later founded the group Menduvia and now leads the Osmany Paredes Quartet.  He has also performed in several prominent groups, and this performance is also worth checking out. 

It is also worth keeping an eye on the calendars of both of these clubs because they have become two of the most important venues for this music in New York. 

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