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domingo, 20 octubre 2013, 12:54 pm

Meet Gema Corredera

In January 2013, Cubana Jazz vocalist Gema Corredera, currently a resident of Miami,  released a fine new album, Derramando Luz, that is winding its way through the early round of the 56th GRAMMY Awards process.  We'll be reviewing it soon, especially since Gema is backed by some familiar names including Yosvany Terry (who is Music Director for the project and co-produced), Yunior Terry, Manuel Valera, Osmany Paredes, Alfredo Chacón and Obed Calvaré.  Here is a video clip about the release:

Speaking of Yosvany Terry, congratulations Yos for being awarded the Cintas Fellowship 2013 for composers!  More about this in our Movimiento en Miami report, which also features a guest article by Eva Silot Bravo about Danay Suárez this week.  

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viernes, 18 octubre 2013, 03:45 pm

Manolín Announces His Return to Cuba

Para Siempre!

Pachito Alonso & Manolín "El Médico de la Salsa"Pachito Alonso & Manolín "El Médico de la Salsa"

Manolín and Pachito Alonso are rehearsing together for a national tour of Cuba that begins at Teatro Nacional in Havana on November 9th. They took time to give an interview to the online magazine OnCuba in which Manolín announced his intention to move back to Cuba "forever". For now he will be performing with Pachito Alonso's band, doing a repertoire heavy on Manolín's songs. When the Cuban national tour ends they plan to take the tour international. If you read Spanish, click here for the interview with Pachito and Manolín. If you don't read Spanish do not despair! OnCuba also has an English site, but it usually is a few days behind the Spanish version as the articles are being translated. So check back with them in a couple of days.

This is the answer to many a timbero's prayers! Many people believe that it was Manolín's incredible popularity and his gift for lyrics and for putting together a stellar group of musicians that led to the great burst of creativity in Havana at the end of the 90s. When Manolín left Havana to begin what ended up being a 12-year period in Miami, suddenly the competitiveness decreased and the push for new innovations with it. Only time will tell if Manolín's return will spark a renaissance in a timba scene that has been moving more into reggaeton fusions and simpler pop-inspired arrangements. Will the good natured rivalry between Manolín and Paulo FG flare up again? Will Alexander Abreu find himself challenged in his current role as the most popular singer/composer in Havana? We all wait with excitement to see what develops!


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viernes, 18 octubre 2013, 03:40 pm

Direct from Cuba: Grupo CANELA performance series in Miami

First female Afro-Cuban & Latin Jazz band to come to the US in 15 years

All female (save for saxophonist Jesús Fuentes) Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz & Salsa Grupo CANELA is set to perform a series of concerts in Miami next month. Somehow this dynamic and versatile band has managed to stay off the radar of presenters in the United States until now. Founded in 1989 by general director Zoe Fuentes Aldama, the members are clasically-trained graduates of various universities in Cuba who also play Latin Jazz, Salsa, Son, Timba, Zouk, Reggae and other Caribbean styles.  They have performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America  and have shared the stage with artists such as Chucho Valdés, Steve Turre, Phil Collins, Herbie Hancock, Los Papines, Miriam Makeba, Los Comodores, Danilo Pérez, David Sánchez, Michael Brecker, Cesaria Evora, Alfredo de la Fe and Orquesta Aragón among many others. 

"CUBAOCHO" -- Dia: 08 de November ( Friday ) -- Hora: 9:30 PM
*Ph: 305 389 8437 / 305 285 / 5880
Direccion: 1465 SW 8St. Cor. 15 St.Miami , Fl 33135
E-mail: robertoramos@cubaocho.com

DISCOTECA "ACHE SUPER CLUB" -- Dia: 09 & 30 November, 2013 -- Hora: 10.00 PM
Ph: 786-255-8356 / 786-256-0527
Direccion: 3600 SW 8va St. Miami, FL 33134
E-mail: glez6541@gmail.com

"CASA VIEJA RESTAURANT-BAR" -- Fecha: 10 November ( Sunday ) -- Hora: 11 :00 pm
Ph: 305-386 6638
Direccion: 103- 25 SW Hammoc Blvd.Miami , FL 10325
E-mail: estrella@corp@aol.com

"LA CUEVA DEL PIRATA" -- Fecha: 15 de November ( Friday ) -- Hora: 9:30 pm
Direccion: 1255 w 46th 27 Hialeah(Country ) FL, 33012

"MARACAS PLACE" -- Fecha: 16 de Nov. & 03 de Diciembre, 2013 -- Hora: 10:00 PM
Ph: 305 262 1032
Direccion: 7250 NW 11th St. , Miami FL 33126
Web: www.maracasplacemiami.com

"THE PLACE" -- Fecha: 17 de November ( Domingo )
Mantine Bailable con Rumba Yoruba 
Hora : 6:00 PM -- Ph: 786-400- 5136 / 305 -642-6994
Direccion: 833 SW 29th St. Miami , FL 33135

Direct from Cuba: Grupo CANELA performance series in Miami -- Cuban Music News -- Noticias de música cubana

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jueves, 17 octubre 2013, 02:08 pm

El Bicho by Petter de Chocolate

New Timbatón from Sweden!

El Bicho

Sweden continues to make its mark in the timba world. This time it's a new single by Petter "de Chocolate" Linde, who was one of Calle Real's trumpet players for many years. He has his own project now, and on the first single he has collaborated with rapper Lowcura and Thomas de Paula Eby on a scorching timbatón titled "El Bicho". It is available for purchase at iTunes,Amazon and Spotify. You can listen to it at Soundcloud, and get ready to move your feet because they don't get much faster than this!

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