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NYC's newest Latin supper club - Live music nightly - dinner & dancing - In the heart of NYC's meat-packing district


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viernes, 01 junio 2012, 09:22 am

Celia Cruz Wins Vote for Special Smithsonian Portrait

Celia Cruz was the winner of the recent public vote for a special historical portrait to be exhibited by the Smithsonian.    The Smithsonian still seeks your comments about Celia Cruz and the project.   To read their announcement, click here...  

Celia Cruz fue la ganadora de la reciente votación del público para un retrato especial para ser exhibido en el museo.   El Smithsonian  sigue buscando  sus comentarios acerca de Celia Cruz y este proyecto.   Para leer su anuncio,  haga clic aquí...

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lunes, 28 mayo 2012, 04:38 pm

La Habana del Norte Strikes Again!

Report from Toronto by Lani Milstein

A big thank you to Lani Milstein for keeping us up-to-date on what is happening in Timba Canada! Here is her report on the recent concert with Pupy y Los Que Son Son featuring Mayito & Tania!

May 19th was a fantastic explosion of great timba in Toronto, thanks to, Casineros Unidos and Lula Lounge’s Lulaworld Festival, who presented Pupy y los que son son at The Phoenix Concert Theatre. The evening began with rising star DJ Bernal, who spun the latest and greatest timba, and the show kicked off with a dance performance by Afrolatino Dance Company. This was followed by a very special performance for Yemaya, by Melissa Noventa, in honour of the late icon and friend to many in Cuban music, Billy Bryans, who we lost recently to cancer. Billy had been a co-producer of many Cuban concerts in Toronto, and was perhaps Canada's key proponent of Cuban music. He is greatly missed by all!

Pupy with Mayito in Toronto

Cesar “Pupy” Pedroso y los que son son blessed the Toronto crowd with an electrifying concert, adding a special twist: invited guests Mayito Rivera and Tania Pantoja. You can imagine how those vocal duels went, right? Electrifying de verdad! Mayito singing with Pupy sounded, well, just like Van Van. Pupy’s band was in top form and has such a youthful energy (Bombon is truly an animal.) The crowd was loving every minute and they played for almost 3 hours- right up until around 2:30am, when the soundman pulled the plug. Noise curfew! Oh, Canada…

No matter! The fun continues June 15th with Gente de Zona and their 12-piece band feat. El Micha and Yulien Oviedo, at the Opera House in Toronto. Presented by the Cubaneando festival, once again Toronto will prove itself as one of the greatest hotbeds of Cuban music in North America, as timberos, casineros and la farandula que tu conoces come out to break it down, Torontón style.

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jueves, 24 mayo 2012, 09:27 pm

Second Alain Book Released! - Beyond Salsa Bass Vol.7

Alain Live at Zinc Bar NOW ( New York City )

Volume 7 of Beyond Salsa Bass is out in both hard-copy and eBook, with accompanying audio and video.  Volume 7 is the second installment of a 4-volume study of the style of Alain Pérez, one of the most talented bassists, composers and arrangers of modern Cuban music. The bass series follows the piano series exactly, covering the same songs, now from the perspective of the bassist. Both the notes and the percussive sounds that he uses to create his funky style. This volume features a 19 page bass transcription of "Por qué paró" (as made famous by Issac Delgado). There are corresponding audio and video products for each volume.

Volume 7 covers two of Delgado's greatest live timba arrangements: "Por qué paró" and "Luz viajera". The piano and bass parts are drawn from extended live performances at the legendary Palacio de la Salsa nightclub in the Hotel Riviera on the Malecón. This is the seventh book in a instructional series set to become the new standard for contemporary Latin bass styles.
154 pages (154 páginas) with 25 audio tracks (25 pistas).

Alain is playing tonight Thursday - 3 shows ($15 for the whole night) at Zinc Bar in NY.

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jueves, 24 mayo 2012, 12:47 am

Rebeca Mauleón with Branly, Caro and Díaz

Yoshi's SF - This Sunday

BREAKING NEWS: Rebeca Mauleón finds time to play a gig! She's usually too busy writing books and symphonies, making records, having kids - you know, minor stuff like that - but she'll be tearing it up Sunday at Yoshi's SF with three world-class percussionists - Jimmy Branly (ex-Issac, ex-NG, now plays with everyone in LA), Carlos Caro (ex-Paulito), and Jesús Díaz (leader of QBA). Click Continue Reading below for the poster.

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