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domingo, 28 octubre 2012, 02:31 am

The Difference Between Salsa and Timba

... and Timba Trivia Quiz

Here's a timba trivia quiz from my upcoming book for non-musicians. The idea is to demonstrate a key difference between salsa and timba - the "song-specific" accompaniment. So, this track starts by playing a typical vamp four times through with the generic conga, piano and bass parts - then it segues into a timba version with a unique part for each of those three instruments. The idea is that you should be able to know what song it is just from listening to these three accompaniment parts.

So listen to the track by clicking here and then see if you can identify the song in the COMMENTS section.

Here are some preview pages on the new book .

And for Bay Areans, tickets for HdP are on sale now !   [Kevin Moore]

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sábado, 27 octubre 2012, 02:58 pm

Pepitín y su Q'mbachá

Pepitín is back with his own septeto!

Pepitín y su Q'mbachá

Many fans have been asking me where Pepitín went after leaving El Trabuco. He has formed his own septeto playing traditional Cuban son. Pepitín is best know to Timba.com readers as a lead singer with Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor and later with Manolito y Su Tabuco with whom he recorded the CDs "Anda y pégate" and "Trabuco 1 vez más", respectively. But he has also had his own following since gthe 2008 release of his solo CD "Estudiando" which was well-recieved both by fans of Cuban music as well as fans of salsa dura.

Pepitín is a stellar example of the young generation of soneros in Cuba, who represent continuity in the Cuban vocal and popular music tradition. The strength of son cubano is that it has a worldwide appeal that does not age or fade. Pepitín y su Q'mbachá have uploaded a demo to Youtube for your enjoyment.

Pepitín y su Q'mbachá - El hombre increíble

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miércoles, 24 octubre 2012, 02:04 pm


Havana March 5-10

Havana Rhythm & Dance Festival 2013 (Fiesta del Tambor)

Percussionists and fans of Cuban music and dance, you are hereby notified in good time that the 2013 Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival will take place from March 5-10. You now have time to schedule your vacation and make your travel plans. No more excuses! this is a stellar even with a breathtaking combinations of performances, expositions, conferences, masters classes, dance, music as the prestigious International Percussion Competition. Competitors choose from various percussion genres and are rated on a clear set of criteria, which you will find elaborated in the official announcement of the festival. Prizes are given to the winners and there is even a youth category for budding musicians.

The official website hasn't been updated with the 2013 schedule and rules, but keep checking as that information should come soon. For information about hotels, transportation, credentials, etc., contact Cecilia Principe. Remember, 2013 is your year so don't miss this opportunity!

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domingo, 21 octubre 2012, 08:51 pm

From Louisville to Elgin,

The Music is Breaking Out All Over

No rest for Timba.com's Chicago team.   We took in three bands in three cities, and all were worth it:

For Cosa Seria, an exciting band based in  Louisville, KY, click here

For Charangueo, Chicago's new Charanga ensemble, click here

For Tiempo Libre's appearance with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, click here

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