Pacific Mambo Orchestra @ Cocoanut Ballroom - Santa Cruz Boardwalk - Saturday November 8 @ 8:30pm

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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series
cuban music, musica cubana


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domingo, 15 agosto 2010, 02:18 pm

Calle Real at the Stockholm Kulturfestival

Siguen rompiendo murallas

Calle Real - Kafri, Tomas & Michel Kafri, Tomas & Michel

Calle Real performed last Thursday night, August 12, 2010 at the Stockholm Kulturfestival on the big stage at Gustav Adolfs Square. They put on a great show and the audience loved every minute of it even insisting on a encore, which isn't always possible witrh the tight schedule of a festival. Bandleader and tresero Patricio Sobrado is still in Chile so it was a little unusual to see them without him. As always Calle Real bridges the gap between Latino and mainstream music and I'm sure they made many new fans that night and probably opened up more hearts to timba as well. Click here to check out the full concert report including 3 videos.

Here is a sample video to get you started: "Me lo gané", the title track from their latest CD.

The player will show in this paragraph

Me lo gané

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sábado, 14 agosto 2010, 11:56 am

Adalberto Update

New CD and September Tour

Adalberto Álvarez Que Suena el Son Well things took a little longer than planned but the US tour of Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son is now set to begin September 8th . It is good to know that even when the summer comes to an end there is still something wonderful to look forward to. Of course as the dates become available we will update the tour page. In the meantime the new CD is just about ready for release, and although I don't know the exact date, it should be before or at least coincide with the US tour. Word has it the CD is hot! Some of you have probably already heard "El Melon", which is a big hit in Havana along with "Bailando en la Tropical" of course. And for the gente of Oriente there is the song "Santiaguera". So prepárense for El Caballero del Son!

The track list for the new CD is:
1) Santiaguera
2) La Falta de Ortografía
3) Vete
4) El Melon
5) Quien será mi amor
6) La Tropical en la Habana
7) Canción para ti
8) No soy el mismo
9) Dos Mujeres
10) Entre la rumba y el son (with Rumbatá)
11) Bonus track: Concierto del Karl Marx

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viernes, 13 agosto 2010, 03:42 pm

Orquesta Aragón at Berkeley

Anniversary Party August 13, 2010

Orquesta Aragón at Berkley

Orquesta Aragón are celebrating their 70th anniversary with a concert at Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley this Friday August 13 at 8pm. The band is currently touring the US and has a number of To Be Determined concerts but this is the last confirmed date as far as I know so don't miss them! No they don't play timba but they swing, or as Gabriel of Yemayá's verse said "they rock".

Gabriel prepares for Van Van in Sydney

And speaking of Gabriel, her interview with Samuel Formell and Yeni Valdés has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald in preparation for the impending Los Van Van concert Sunday August 15 at the Opera House in Sydney.

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miércoles, 11 agosto 2010, 08:43 pm

Revé documentary - Danny Lozada - Habana d' Primera

New blog "El Puente" from David Figueroa & Duniel Deya

Here are some killer video clips of footage from Elio & Elito Revé's new documentary, an interview with Danny Lozada and a great live performance from Alexander Abreu & Habana d' Primera, courtesy of David (DJ Melao) and Duni's new blog El Puente. To access the new column click on blogs and then select EL PUENTE. Enjoy.

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