2015 Salsa Rueda Festival - San Francisco - February 19-22 - Hotel Whitcomb - Biggest Cuban Dance Festival in the U.S.A.

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2015 Salsa Rueda Festival - San Francisco - February 19-22 - Hotel Whitcomb - Biggest Cuban Dance Festival in the U.S.A.
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011, 02:12 PM

Dance Revolución on the Baltic

Viking Line presents one month of Cuban bands!

2010 was a sparse year for timba concerts here in Stockholm. But everything moves in cycles and 2011 is off to an amazing start thanks to the cruise line Viking Line. Last weekend they began a month of Cuban-themed cruises between Stockholm and Finland, which they are calling Dance Revolución. From January 16 through February 13 you can enjoy dancing by night to the following bands: Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son, Tumbao Habana, Charanga Forever, Yumurí y Sus Hermanos and Osdalgia, and shopping by day in cities such as Helsinki, Åbo and Mariehamn. This is the first time anyone has organised such a large Cuban event here in the Baltic region and it is a perfect excuse for you to look for a cheap flight on a discount airline to spend a long weekend dancing with us Nordic timba fans aboard one of these cruises. 

The advertisement at the website is in Swedish but I have posted the schedule below. You can book in English and German. Tell them Timba.com sent you. This is an opportunity you can't afford to miss!

Adalberto Álvarez y su Son
January 16 – 24,Cinderella (Stockholm–Mariehamn)
January 25 – 26, Gabriella (Stockholm–Helsinki)
January 27 – February 5, Cinderella (Stockholm–Mariehamn)
February 6 – 7, Gabriella (Stockholm–Helsinki)
February 8 – 9, Cinderella (Stockholm–Mariehamn)
February 11–13 Cinderella (Stockholm–Mariehamn)

Tumbao Habana
January 16 – 24, Gabriella (Stockholm–Helsinki)
January 25 – 26, Cinderella (Stockholm–Mariehamn)
January 27 – February 5, Gabriella (Stockholm–Helsinki)
February 8 – 13, Gabriella (Stockholm–Helsinki)

Yumurí y sus Hermanos
January 16 – February 13, Mariella (Stockholm–Helsinki)

January 16 – February 13, Amorella (Stockholm–Åbo)

La Charanga Forever
January 16 – February 13, Isabella (Stockholm–Åbo)

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Friday, 14 January 2011, 12:50 PM

Exclusive! New debut solo album by Iris Sandra

New reporter from Chile + L.A. Los Van Van report

Exclusive to Latinpulsemusic.com, Iris Sandra’s long anticipated solo debut album -Dos Palabras (Two Words)- features her stellar voice on six original tracks and recorded by some of the top musical talent in Los Angeles. The album showcases her wide ranging abilities as a singer and composer, surprising many with her soulful interpretation of music styles not commonly recorded in Spanish. A highly anticipated solo debut album. Download includes full liner notes and credits, as well as complete karaoke versions. 

Dos Palabras - Iri SandraAn accomplished singer and composer, Iris Sandra was a member of the award winning Havana based music group Arte Mixto (see video below), a project she joined after classical training at the National School of the Arts in Cuba. After relocating to the US, she recorded on (the late) Israel “Cachao” Lopez and Andy Garcia’s CD releases “Cuba Linda” and “Ahora Si”, the latter of which won 2 Grammy Awards. Her film credits include vocals on the soundtrack for “Original Sin” (starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie), and the motion picture “The Lost City”. In 2007 Irisandra appeared on the T.V. show ‘Cane’ performing the song “Veinte Años”. She is presently active with the internationally touring Cineson Allstars -led by Andy Garcia- and Rumbankete, Los Angeles’ premier Cuban dance music orchestra. 

Timba al Sur del Mundo - A todos los leyentes les quiero introducir a Erick Ceballos, ingeniero de acústica y sonido y nuevo reportero de Timba.com. Su reporte "Timba al Sur del Mundo" nos brinda noticias de la música cubana desde Santiago de Chile. Aquí un as fotos de Erick con Yeni de los Van Van y los tromboneros de la Orquesta TimbaLatina. Vaya Erick!


Los Van Van en el Conga Room - Emocionado y conmovido con la visita de la estelar orquesta, nuestro amigo corpulento David "Mango" González nos reporta desde Los Angeles sobre el concierto de Los Van Van hace unas semanas.....

Tuesday night's Van Van concert was amazing!
It had been almost eight years since I attended a Van Van Concert. Way too long. The band opened the show with "Arrasando" which in my opinion was one of the best tunes of the evening! The vibe was amazing inside the Conga Room as Van Van performed to a SOLD OUT crowd. (Although, I still feel strongly that the Van Van long awaited Los Angeles concert should of been at a much larger venue such as the Greek Theatre or the Hollywood Bowl). The people inside were of all ages and ethnicity's. I would also applaud the Conga Room for the exceptional sound that they provided. This is a major factor in the shows success. The sound quality can either hinder or enhance the overall experience of any concert goer.

Van Van performed many of their hits which included "Soy Todo", "Voy a publicar tu foto", "Después de todo" and "Me Mantengo." Although my favorite tune of the night was "El  toque del año" sung by "El Lele". Some of the band members looked a bit worn and tired, especially Robertón. He is definitely out of shape and just seemed out of it. The band closed the show with an encore performance of "Cabeza mala" which I personally don't really care for. I hear they have been closing with this same tune throughout their tour. This seems a bit disappointing and way too choreographed and rehearsed. Not much improvising which I think the fans would expect and appreciate from Van Van. Everyone in the audience at the end of their last song just before the "Cabeza mala" encore was requesting "Que Cosas tiene la vida" AKA: "Fuera de liga, but Robertón said no that they would play it on Wednesday night which I learned that they didn't. That is too bad. Nonethless, the event was great! Awesome performance although I definitely missed one of the most dynamic and beloved Van Van members -Pedrito Calvo. 

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Monday, 27 December 2010, 09:39 PM

2010, a year of timba

Patrick Bonnard's 2010 Photo Retrospective

Timba photographer Patrick Bonnard has posted a photo retrospective of 2010, the year in timba at his site http://www.patrickbonnard.com. As 2010 draws to a  close and we look forward to the upcoming timba tours and events of 2011, take a few minutes to look back at the year that has passed. Patrick captured some powerful moments that will leave you feeling inspired and excited for the coming year.

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Sunday, 26 December 2010, 09:12 PM

Tours 2011 Updates

Bamboleo y Azúcar Negra mano a mano at Festival Bailar Cuba

I've been on vacation and off-line for a couple of weeks and have three more weeks to go before I'm back at my desk, but I the dates are beginning to come in for European tours 2011, so I wanted to post a  little update. A great match up will take place at the festival Bailar Cuba which will take place from March 4 - 6 in Orvault (Nantes), France. Lázaro Valdés & Bamboleo will perform the 4th and Leonel Limonta & Azúcar Negra the 5th. Now that's a serious match that you don't want to miss.

Bamboleo will also be performing at the New Year's Eve party in Mexico City at Mama Rumba de la Roma. You can get your tickets in advance for 200 pesos.

Other upcoming 2011 tours include Issac Delgado in Europe in February and July and Los Van Van in February/March. Stay tuned as we can give you the actual dates and look for more exciting tours in the US in 2011. Melao has info about plans in the works for Paulo FG y La Élite and Havana D'Primera as well as plans to set up a Cuban music festival in the US.

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