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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series


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Tuesday, 02 March 2010, 08:48 PM


April 7-11 at Yoshi's SF

That's all I know - stay tuned for more details. YOSHI'S WEBSITE

Also, Volume 5 is live.

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Tuesday, 02 March 2010, 03:28 PM

El Zorro & Angel Bonne Live

Video from Festival Aquí Cuba

El Zorro featuring Ángel Bonne

El Zorro has posted a couple of high quality videos from the Aquí Cuba Festival. El Zorro is aguably the most prolific of the European timberos and has produced a stready stream of projects working with many of Cuba's biggest stars. If you are a big Ángel Bonne fan like myself, you will be excited to see these songs performed live. I have added a Video page for El Zorro to, but the full selection of videos is found at his homepage. Enjoy!

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Monday, 01 March 2010, 04:11 AM

Volume 5 - Timba - Now Available March 1, 2010

Beyond Salsa Piano - The Cuban Timba Piano Revolution Volume 5 - by Kevin MooreThis is the behemoth - the longest of the series - a summary of 11 years of timba obsession.

2010-03-01 Update!
Volume 5 audio and eBook is now available on

Chapter 1: What is Timba?
- well, you guys already know that answer.

Chapter 2: History and Listening Tour
- this picks up where the online book, The Roots of Timba, left off: with Revé's Suave suave, Van Van's Aquí el que baila gana, and of course NG La Banda's En la calle. It tells the stories of all the major bands, highlighting the best material.

Chapter 3: Ten Timba Piano Innovations - here, we isolate the ten important ways that timba piano differs from its predecessors.

Chapter 4: Estudios - these are 32 tumbaos, all on the same chord progression, created to demonstrate the innovations in various combinations.

Chapter 5: Timba Gears - at last, the explanation of why you can learn Paulito's gear system and still be confused about Charanga Habanera - it's the "general theory of timba gears", explaining how everything fits together into one nice, logical, and endlessly creative and flexible combinación perfecta!

Then, after the FAQ and Glossary, we get to the craziest part, the Timba Harmony Appendix, which takes hundreds of timba coros and analyzes their chord progressions in Roman numerals.

After this ... the deluge ... note-for-note Melón transcriptions in large quantities in Volumes 6, 7, 8 and 9. I haven't actually written Volume 9, I have to admit, but 6, 7 and 8 are done and will be out soon, and if anyone can play all the tumbaos in those 3 before I finish Volume 9, you'll be ready for the big time.

Finally - get ready for Beyond Salsa Percussion - that's all I'll say about that for now, but expect something in first half of 2010 (knock on wood).

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Monday, 01 March 2010, 02:50 AM

Official Photos for the Rumbankete Feb 11 Show

All photos by photographer TOM EHRLICH

RUMBANKETE @ Yoshi's Oakland - Open Dance Floor - Thursday, February 11 2010 
13-piece All Star contemporary Cuban music (Timba) orchestra from Los Angeles
Presenting Sponsor: CUBAVERA® (a subsidiary of Perry Ellis International)
Associate Sponsor: e.K. Clothing (salsa dresses & dancewear) 
Event Produced by Michael Lazarus

Click here for the high resolution gallery - Oprima aquí para ver fotos en alta resolución

 Rumbankete Feb 11 - Official PhotosRumbankete takes a bow after a great show at Yoshi's Oakland !

 Rumbankete Feb 11 - Official PhotosRumbankete looking good at Yoshi's Oakland !

 Rumbankete Feb 11 - Official PhotosChalo la pone buena  -  dirige Denis Jirón

 Rumbankete Feb 11 - Official PhotosIntroducing the band for the second set

 Rumbankete Feb 11 - Official Photosmuchas gracias e.K. Clothing!

 Rumbankete Feb 11 - Official Photosmuchas gracias C - U - B - A - V - E - R - A !

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