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New Album from Verny Varela y La Tropa - La Rumba No Se Acaba - Salsa Dura de Colombia


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Sunday, 24 January 2010, 02:55 PM

Review - Animals of Cuban Music

Animals of Cuban MusicI am still way behind on my projects due to my five-week vacation, but I have finally published my review of "Animals of Cuban Music: salsa vs reggaeton", Jen Paz's second documentary in her contemporary Cuban music series. The DVD has been out since fall 2009 and really should have been on the gift list of all fans of Cuban music, no matter whether you like timba or reggeaton. For me the documentary is not about trying to convince anyone that one is better than the other or to make fans out of anyone. It is just an honest, unadorned look at what is really happening in Havana today. It also happens to be full of excellent concert footage from both timba and reggaeton concerts.  It is a must-see film for anyone who wants to keep up with the Cuban music scene of today. To read the full review click here.

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Saturday, 23 January 2010, 03:12 AM

Alfredo Rodríguez at Yoshi's

Tuesday January 26th - Yoshi's San Francisco

Unfortunately the great master pianist many of us were lucky enough to see with Cubanismo has not come back from the dead, but the young and very much alive Alfredo Rodríguez is well worthy of his famous name. Tom saw him at the 2009 Monterery Jazz Festival and was completely blown away. Next Tuesday.

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Friday, 22 January 2010, 06:07 AM

Nuevo Lanzamiento de Moise González

"Relatos" se lanza el 1ro de Abril 2010

El músico y compositor Moise González se encuentra actualmente ultimando los detalles para lo que será el lanzamiento de su nuevo trabajo discográfico “Relatos” que verá la luz el día 1 de abril de 2010. Para este lanzamiento ha querido utilizar como sencillo “De Canarias a La Habana”, una canción que, según palabras de Moise “compuse dejándome llevar por las sensaciones que comparten mi corazón entre Canarias y Cuba, mi segunda casa”.

Relaros -  Moise González

Para esta producción se ha movido hasta Miami para grabar con una selección impecable de músicos: Ángel Arce (pututi II), Edward Magariaga, Robert Vilera, Alexis Arce (pututi I), Yanko, Tony Pérez y Alberto Barros, entre otros.

Esperamos ansiosos este nuevo disco del amigo MOise. Hasta entonces podemos ir disfrutando con este tema promocional que está disponible en su web oficial. Para ver videos de Moise oprima aquí.

Más información:

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010, 08:05 PM

Vol. 2 Hard-Copy Goes Live

Beyond Salsa Piano, Vol. 2Beyond Salsa Piano, Vol. 2 is now available in hard-copy at

The audio files and eBook can be purchased at

For notation and audio previews of this and other volumes, click here.

Volume 2 covers the earliest piano tumbaos of Arcaño, Cachao & Co. and continues through the Golden Age of Beny Moré, Celia Cruz, Orquesta Aragón, Conjunto Modelo, et al.

Volume 3 should go live on LPM this weekend and live in hard-copy in a week or two.

Inspired by the recent surge in Cuban tours, I've also made quite a bit of progress lately on the first three Melón volumes - V6, V7 and V8.

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