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LA TIMBA LA TRAIGO YO - Nuevo Disco + Gira Europa de Robert Armas y los Conquistadores de la Salsa


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Thursday, 03 December 2009, 08:22 PM

"El Son" New Single from Donaldo Flores

Timba de Bordeaux, Francia

Donaldo Flores

France based, Cuban singer Donaldo Flores has released a new single -simply called "El Son" (listen to it here on RADIO TIMBA)- in anticipation of the release of his third album. Born in Matanzas, Donaldo's musical career started taking off when he joined la Orquesta Yaguarimu. Moving to Havana he worked with Orland "Maraca"Valle and then replaced Aramis Galindo in Adalberto Álvarez' group.  In 2003 he recorded his first album "El Solitario" and moved to Bordeaux. He is also known as the host of a radio progrma called "Llegó La Música Cubana" on FM 90.1 French radio. His European performances include participation with la Orqeusta Gali and the London based group "Ska Cubano". 

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Thursday, 03 December 2009, 08:12 PM

Entrevista con Aned Mota

El Charanguero Gozador

Aned Mota - Charanga HabaneraOn November 28th I saw La Charanga Habanera for the first time in three years. As always I had a great time. This was a major event put on by Cuba Nocturna with an opening show of rumba by Grupo Raices, reggaeton by Robertico "El Galán" and one of the newest acts in the hiphop/reggaeton scene La Nueva Union with Frank Belicer and Yarién Oviedo. I will get back to this in the full concert report. But let me begin with some of the pre-show interviews with the charangueros, starting with Aned Mota. The interveiw is in Spanish and in video format. Click here to go to the interview.

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Wednesday, 02 December 2009, 05:56 PM

El Noro Joins Los Que Son Son

El NoroLike me you have probably been anxiously awaiting the news of where El Noro would turn up after his departure from El Trabuco. Well word from Havana is that he is the latest member of Los Que Son Son. I know that for some time Pupy has been wanting to add a 4th singer to the line-up and El Noro was the lucky guy who got the spot.

Pupy y Los Que Son Son played this weekend at the Encuentro De Bailadores in Havana with the four-man front line: Michel Pérez, Norberto Gómez, Rusdel Nuñez and El Noro. I don't know yet what songs El Noro is singing but I am looking forward to seeing this combination of what is one of the strongest line-ups of the young generation of singers in Havana today.

And speaking of hot young singers in Havana, I just saw the Charanga Habanera last night for the first time since 2006 and I had a great time! Report with video coming very soon so stay tuned...

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Wednesday, 02 December 2009, 05:06 PM

Charanga Habanera in SF - Dec. 22

I've been bitten by Charanga rumors before, but it looks the visas have come through, and, if so, the indefatigable Shabi has managed to get them to extend to tour to the West Coast. No ticket links yet, but the venue is Café Cócomo. Stay tuned! The last gig CH played in the US was this one in Dec. 2000, exactly 9 years ago.

Check back or check Cócomo's site for updates. There's a plan to add a second show the next night if the first one sells out.

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