Discography - 1974 - Vol. II

The Music

The next four albums are absolutely indispensable. About 75% of the best up-tempo tracks can be found on these two CD compilations:

1974: Volume II
Areíto LD-3461

CA954 El que no sabe, sabe Roberto Núñez Povea s LD3461
CA954 Quisiera amarte de verdad Ramiro Reyes b LD3461
CA954 Adiós, no estoy loco Humb. Perera/Lazaga s LD3461
CA954 Hoy mi día triste Juan Crespo Maza b LD3461
CA954 Mi socio Manolo Juan Crespo Maza gu-s LD3461
CA954 Tema R.D.A. Caña Ramiro Reyes   ?
CA955  Se perdió mi amor Juan Crespo Maza gu-s LD3461
CA955  Déjame demonstrate Ramiro Reyes b LD3461
CA955  María baila el son Rolando Vergara bch-s LD3461
CA955  Canto de felicidad Enrique Lazaga gj-s LD3461
CA955  La señora perorata Juan Crespo Maza s LD3461

We have a long review of Volume II in our Roots of Timba series.

cuban music, musica cubanaOn CD, all the up-tempo tracks from Volumes II and III can be found on the wonderful Historia de la Ritmo, Vol. 1.

Volume I also contains the rarity, Conga No. 6, recorded at the sessions for Volume V, but never released on the LP. See our CD section for more details.

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