Discography - 1977 - Vol. IV

January 15, 1977: Volume IV
Areíto LD-3622

CA1389 Tema de saludos amigos Juan Crespo Maza s LD3622
CA1389 Por hacerme caso Rodulfo Vaillant s-mt LD3622
CA1389 Pensamiento Rafael Gómez canción LD3622
CA1389 Pero soy así Tony Lamas s-mt LD3622
CA1389 Pero déjame mirar Enrique Lazaga b LD3622
CA1389 La Ritmo suena Areíto Roberto Núñez son-areíto LD3622
CA1390 Qué rico bailo yo Rolando Vergara s-mt LD3622
CA1390 Grandes cosas para tí Juan Crespo Maza s-mt LD3622
CA1390 Qué es lo que hay Enrique Lazaga s-mt LD3622
CA1390 Si te vas no voy a llorar Juan Crespo Maza s-mt LD3622
CA1390 Yo traigo panetela Juan Crespo Maza s-mt LD3622
CA1390 Temo de saludos amigos (reprís) Juan Crespo Maza s-areíto  LD3622

We have a long review of Volume IV in our Roots of Timba series. We got the specific recording date from the liner notes of Cuban Gold 4, which includes the track Yo traigo panetela.

cuban music, musica cubanaLa Ritmo Oriental te está llamando has three of the best songs from Volume IV and three of the best songs from Volume V. See our CD section for more details.


1977: CA-1391 - Not on LP

CA1391 Longina Manuel Corona b  
CA1391 Yo no me equivoco Roberto Núñez s  
CA1391 Ya llegará la victoria Perera/Lazaga canción  
CA1391 Ésta es tu casa, yo soy tu hermano Ginoris/Montesinos canción  
CA1391 La quinta L. Beethoven    
CA1391 El son claro Calá s-mt  
CA1391 Al que le tocó le tocó Lazaga s  

cuban music, musica cubanaEl son claro and Al que le tocó le tocó are both must-have Ritmo Oriental masterpieces and can both be found, nicely remastered, on QBADisc's Cuban Gold, Volume 4. The whole Cuban Gold series is worth having as it contains any number of rare tracks by a wide range of groups. A third RO track, Yo traigo panetela, is on both Cuban Gold 4 and La ritmo te está llamando.

We found Yo no me equivoco, a great up-tempo track, and La quinta, a fantastically bizarre charanga version of the first movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony, on a scratchy old cassette tape, so they must have been released on some vinyl record. The other three tracks have yet to be heard by anyone we know.

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