Discography - 1983 - Vol. VI - Al agua me llevó

The LPs of the 1980s

1983: Volume VI - El agua me llevó
Areíto LD-4112

cuban music, musica cubana

CA3473 El agua no me llevó Tony Calá s LD4112
CA3473  Como me gusta el coco Juan Crespo Maza s LD4112 
CA3473  Dicen que sufro Enrique Lazaga s-mt LD4112 
CA3473  Mi amigo Nicolás Juan Crespo Maza s-mt LD4112 
CA3474  Barrios de los rumberos Tony Calá gg LD4112 
CA3474  Mía definitivamente Yáñez-Gómez b LD4112 
CA3474  Gladiolas para usted Tony Calá b-s LD4112 
CA3474  Conmigo candela brava Tony Calá gg LD4112 

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cuban music, musica cubana

This may not be the original pressing, as it says 1987 on the back and the Areíto number pegs it as being 1983. In any case, it's the first LP with Tony Calá singing, although he had previously sung on the singles El son de claro and Cuida'o con la percusión. The first song has a funny story which might have been a tragic one. The band was on tour when a torrential rainstorm engulfed them and the had to stand on top of the bus to keep from drowning.

Five of these songs can be found on La historia de la Ritmo, Vol. 2. See our CD section for more details.

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