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Discography - 1985 - Vol. VII - El baile del azúcar

1985: Volume VII - El baile del azúcar
Siboney LD-338
cuban music, musica cubana

CS371 Baila azúcar Perera-Calá s LD338
CS371 Ana Margarita Rodulfo Vaillant mer LD338
CS371 Advertencia a todos Tony Calá s LD338
CS371 Mi amor te lo doy entero JuanCrespo Maza s LD338
CS372 Oye, más no cabe Rodulfo Vaillant s LD338
CS372 No hay regreso Enrique Lazaga s-mt LD338
CS372 Sin apellidos Perera-Calá s LD338
CS372 Estoy nuevamente Tony Lamas s LD338

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Areíto was EGREM's Havana label and Siboney was based in Santiago. For some reason, a lot of Havana bands, like Revé, did Siboney records around this time. If you have any theories, please write in! A foto of the cover would also be very welcome!

As mentioned above, this album can be found in its entirety on Guarachando Charanga Show.

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