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Discography - 1987 - Vol. VIII - Guarachando

1987: Volume VIII - Guarachando
Areíto LD-4392
cuban music, musica cubana

cuban music, musica cubana

session # title composer(s) arranger rhythm LP #
CA4185 Azúcar a granel Perera-Calá Perera s LD4392
CA4185  Bailadores Remberto Bécquer Perera s LD4392 
CA4185  Será mañana, mi amor Lamas-Calá Papo Luca s LD4392 
CA4185  Hay salsa y son para rato Rolando Vergara Lazaga s-mt LD4392 
CA4185  Lo mejor del barrio Juan Crespo Maza Maza s LD4392 
CA4185  Por eso voy a dejarlo A. Pérez-JC Maza Maza s LD4392 
CA4185  Lo siento, ya no me gustas Juan Crespo Maza Maza s LD4392 
CA4185 Baila si vas a bailar Enrique Lazaga Lazaga s LD4392

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cuban music, musica cubana

cuban music, musica cubana

All 8 of these tracks, in order, can be found, along with the 8 from the next album, on the indispensable Guarachando Charanga Show CD. See our CD section for more details.

CS330 Avisa por favor Rodulfo Vaillant . .

This rarity, written by the great Rodulfo Vaillant and recorded in Santiago, may or may not have ever been released on Cuban vinyl, but a nice transfer can be found on an obscure CD compilation called Bailexitos 2. Make sure you check carefully because there's another, non-Cuban, compilation series with the same title.

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