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Discography - 2007-Fresquecito

2007 - Fresquecito demos:

title   composer arranger lead singer
Ya no te doy más na' . Alexei Sánchez Aisar Hernández Alexei Sánchez
. . . . .

There's a DJ demo of Ya no te doy, sung by the composer, El Nene, that's very interesting indeed. It sounds like it may also have a different pianist. Please write in if you know more about the date, personnel, or any other demos from this period.

2007 - Fresquecito
Winner Cubadisco 2008!

cuban music, musica cubana

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Dirección musical: Aisar Hernández
Producción musical: Juan Ceruto
Elito Revé - vocal interjections
Wilfredo Naranjo "Pachy Jr." - piano
Aisar Hernández - bass
Jorge Luis Vila - tres
Andy Fornet - timbal - güira, batá
Arián Chacón: congas, batá
Ariel Hernández - bongó, campana, batá
Maikel Díaz - güiro
Eulises Benavides - trombone
Yamer Pérez - trombone
Orlando Montaner - trombone
Dagoberto Vázquez - voice
Pascual Matos "El Sinsonte" - voice
Eric E. Broche "El Chino" - voice
Lázaro Cuesta "El Bello" - voice

Miguel Martínez - bongó del monte
Irving Frontela - violín
Roberto Morales - coros

Wow! With Fresquesito Elito Revé put to rest any doubts that he would be able to lead the group back to the prominence it achieved under his father. Revé handily won's 2007 "best live touring band of the summer" poll and is on a major roll as of this writing. The new musical director and principal arranger, bassist Aisar Hernández, is a major new force as a writer, arranger, and bassist who was interviewed by Michelle White in early 2008.

cuban music, musica cubana

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  title   composer arranger lead singer
1 . Revé, Jr. Aisar Hernández Dagoberto Vázquez
2 El teléfono . Aisar Hernández Aisar Hernández Lázaro Maya
3 El dinero . Dagoberto Vázquez Aisar Hernández Dagoberto Vázquez
4 El martes . Juan Formell Aisar Hernández all
5 La viuda . Aisar Hernández Aisar Hernández Pascual "Sinsonte" Matos
6 Ya no te doy más na' . Alexei Sánchez Aisar Hernández El Chino
7 El jonrón . Sofiel del Pino Arnaldo Jiménez Robertón Hernández
Dagoberto Vázquez
8 Vamos a bailar el changüí . Revé, Jr. Revé Jr. Pascual "Sinsonte" Matos
9 A sancochar boniato . Aisar Hernández Aisar Hernández Lázaro Maya
10 No le pegues con el pie . DR Aisar Hernández Dagoberto Vázquez
11 La madrugada . Alexei Sánchez Aisar Hernández Lázaro Maya
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