SpanishEnglishClave Changes Track by Track - Te necesito - En crisis

7) Te Necesito — The opening is more of a novelty. Only the horns seem to imply clave and they do so pretty strongly. Their melody includes all of the notes of 3:2 clave and really hammers the 2 side. Then we get a 2:2 Clave License clave change right at 0:20 when a normal 1st gear salsa feel returns, and as usual this means 2:3 rumba clave, as confirmed by the jamblock. At 2:07 a 3:3 Clave License change takes us back to 3:2. This one is extremely clear. [audio example 31] The jamblock plays 2:3 rumba clave right up to the measure that begins at 2:04 and in the very next measure the whole band contradicts the clave by playing 3:2 rumba clave as an ensemble. The rest of the song is in 3:2. This is a good one to listen to the big drum of the congas accenting the 3 side.

8) En Crisis — Up to 1:19 there nothing obvious to indicate the clave. At that point the jamblock, and then the campana and congas clearly state 2:3, so we’d say the whole song is in 2:3.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 03:31 AM