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La Bolá

La Bola

La Bolá is one of the bright spots in the truly dismal Latin music environment that the United has been suffering through. Bucking the trend, the group has managed to keep a relatively steady lineup, to rehearse enough to create a rhythmic identity, and to stick to their guns and play real timba. Their efforts have paid off, not only in their own gigs, but in the opportunities they've had to accompany top Cuban expatriates such as Pepito Gómez and Danny Lozada.

Propelled by the monstrous playing of pianist Ariacne Trujillo and drummer Victor Herreros-Garcia, they put on an incredible show with Pepe Gómez at Club Antón in Oakland in early 2009. The Bay Area eagerly awaits their return! [Kevin Moore]

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Kevin Moore - Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 03:31 AM