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LA TIMBA LA TRAIGO YO - Nuevo Disco + Gira Europa de Robert Armas y los Conquistadores de la Salsa

Sin Clave No Hay Na

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viernes, 16 septiembre 2016, 01:03 am


After 24 years of operation, has ceased operations and posted a farewell message on their website.  For many years, especially their early years, they were the most important source of hardcopy CDs of Cuban music in the United States, but they were much more than that - album reviews, articles, in the early years they even had a wonderful newsletter until it eventually went the way of most newsletters in this industry as people began reading less and watching video more.  I was a customer myself for many years (admittedly less so in recent times, but that had more to do with my own circumstances than with theirs). In the 90s, they were even written up in some articles about e-commerce as being in the vanguard of Internet businesses.  

They weren't done in by a competitor doing the same things that they did, but rather by the changing patterns of how many people now consume music (including, unfortunately, the free file-sharing which is gradually destroying the chances for physical recordings to be sold effectively in the marketplace anywhere other than concerts and impairing digital sales in our genres as well). 

Congratulations to Bruce Pollin and the Descarga operation for many years of excellence. This is a sad day for the Tropical Latin music industry and for Latin Jazz as well. 


Esto es muy triste !!


Así como Tito Puente y Celia Cruz (el REY y la REINA de la música afrocubana), eran los "pilares" o "Faros Guía" de todo el espectro musical tropical-afroantillano y el latin jazz, para toda la gente fanática, y para todos los músicos, cantantes y orquestas del género; DESCARGA.COM también fue parte de esa guia-faro-pilar musical "Afroantillano y Latin Jazz", en lo particular, fue mi guia de seguimiento desde el año de 1999 aqui en México cuando lo descubri en la internet. Lamento realmente la desaparición de este portal, casi igual, que cuando Celia y Tito Puente se fueron, pues a partir de la muerte de ambos, empezo el ocaso de nuestro gran espectro musical "Salsa-Música Afroantillana-Latin Jazz". Espero no perdernos mas en este oceano de incertidumbre musical latina, ahora con la perdida de DESCARGA.COM. Saludos Bruce Pollin y saludos

As well as Tito Puente and Celia Cruz (the KING and the QUEEN of Afro-Cuban music), they were the "pillars" or "Lighthouse Guide" of the whole tropical-afroantillano musical spectrum and Latin Jazz, for all the fanatical people, and for All musicians, singers and orchestras of the genre; DESCARGA.COM was also part of that lighthouse guide-pillar musical "Afroantillano and Latin Jazz", in particular, it was my guide of follow-up since the year of 1999 here in Mexico when I discovered it on the internet. I really regret the disappearance of this portal, almost the same, that when Celia and Tito Puente left, as from the death of both, began the decline of our great musical spectrum "Salsa-Afro-American Music-Latin Jazz." I hope we do not lose more in this ocean of Latin musical uncertainty, now with the loss of DESCARGA.COM. Regards Bruce Pollin and Regards

Posted by: Dantana Fernandez on domingo, 04 diciembre 2016, 03:47 pm

Interviews and articles


Do you know what they are planning to do with all of this content? It would be a shame for it to be lost.

Posted by: Michelle White on viernes, 16 septiembre 2016, 11:21 am

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