PlazaCUBA is a humanitarian-based arts organization that specializes in travel to Cuba and Cuban music, dance, art and cultural exchange.

PLAZA CUBA is an organization of founders, friends and family who love the arts—particularly music and dance. Alisa Froman, Executive Director, established PlazaCUBA in the year 2000 and is the visionary creator behind projects and events. She has studied Cuban culture and religion for many years and continues to be a knowledgeable and loving member of an international community interested in investigating and preserving Cuban culture. Alisa is also an accomplished Afro-Cuban folklore and salsa dancer and performs in the San Francisco Bay Area with various groups.

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Many people have been involved in the development and evolution of PlazaCUBA including the following important contributors: Donald Gronberg, Melissa Daar, John Calloway, Vanya Goldberg, Ariana Hall, Don Skoog, Loralie Froman and Carmen Aguirre. PlazaCUBA also enjoys working with the National School for the Arts, the filmmakers of ICAIC, members of music and dance groups Ban Rarrá, Rumbatá and Raíces Profundas, the Cuba Yoga Association and staff from Havana’s herbal medicine gardens and pharmacies.

cuban music, musica cubana

Programs in Cuba
PlazaCUBA is dedicated to developing projects that investigate and preserve Cuban culture such as music and dance workshops, humanitarian programs, and documentary films. PlazaCUBA also coordinates and promotes events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their extensive website ( provides a wealth of information about travel to Cuba, the music and dance scene in Havana, and cultural events around the island.

cuban music, musica cubana

PlazaCUBA  - providing information about Cuban music, dance, art, culture and travel to Cuba. 

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