Peter Maiden - Oakland-Yoshi's-9/20/2012

The Pedrito Martinez Group played an outstanding set of new Cuban music at Yoshi's Oakland on September 20.  Featured were Pedrito on percussion, Ariacne Trujillo on Keyboard, Alvaro Benavides on Bass, and Jhair Sala on percussion.  All four musicians were on vocals.

Pedrito's drum set, before the show.

Pedritos's Batá Drums

The Batá Drums

Jhair at the Soundcheck

At the soundcheck -- getting ready to play

Pedrito checking the batá

Pedrito and Jhair

Ariacne testing the mike

Hands: Alvaro on Bass

Hands: Jhair on Campana

Hands: Pedrito on Skins

Hands: Ariacne on Keyboard

Pedrito: The concert starts



The Pedrito Martinez Band: The full quartet



Pedrito and Alvaro

Alvaro Benavides, Bass

Pedrito and Alvaro

The Quartet



Local bandleader (of Qba) Jesús Díaz sits in

Jesús and Jhair

Jhair & Pedrito


What a show!

sábado, 22 septiembre 2012, 11:27 pm