cuban music, musica cubana
photo by Peter Maiden - Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, May, 2002

Cubanismo is a powerhouse all-star touring band that plays a repertoire of traditional Cuban music from a variety of genres. Leader Jesús Alemañy played in Sierra Maestra with Juan de Marcos and both men achieved great success in the late 90s tapping into the demand for classic Cuban genres and guest performances by a wide variety of legends such as Tata Güines, Angá, Carlos del Puerto, Rolo Martínez, Rodolfo "Peruchín" Argudín, Roberto Riverón, Pepe Espinosa, Nachito Herrera, Alfredo Rodríguez and Carlos Álvarez, to name just a few. Catch them live to get the full experience. [Kevin Moore]

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Kevin Moore - miércoles, 23 marzo 2011, 03:31 am