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Se llama sabroso - ZONA FRANKA


Aquí les presentamos clases o sesiones educacionales de música cubana (clínicas), organizadas por la primera letra del primer apellido, de músicos individuales. Si desea enviarnos una clínica en video por favor escríbenos a este email:  musicos [arroba] timba [punto] com

Beyond Salsa Piano Volume 6  focuses on Iván "Melón" Lewis -a central player in one of the most important bands of the entire timba era, the Issac Delgado Group of 1995-1998. Beyond Salsa Piano is an instructional (eBook + audio + video), play-along history and anthology of the role of the piano in the Cuban rhythm section --from its first appearance to the present. Melón's 48 video clips were filmed with two cameras, one from the side and one overhead. For every tumbao, we provide three separate videos: a widescreen version of each camera angle and a split screen version combining the two.

Iván "Melón" Lewis and bassist Alain Pérez arguably took the art of tumbao playing to its highest level of creativity and sophistication to date. All of the timba piano innovations detailed in Volume 5 can be found in Melón's work and some of them originated with him. 

Beyond Salsa Bass follows the same game plan as Beyond Salsa Piano: five volumes covering the history of Cuban bass playing - from changüí and son to songo and timba - followed by a series of books on individual star bass players. The first volume of Beyond Salsa Bass to be released is Volume 6, the first on Alain Pérez. It corresponds exactly to Beyond Salsa Piano, Vol. 6 on Melón Lewis. Melón and Alain played together in the historic Issac Delgado group of the late 1990s, creating arguably the most sophisticated and ultra-creative piano-bass tandem in the history of Cuban popular music. Volume 6 covers two of Delgado's greatest live timba arrangements: No me mires a los ojos and La vida sin esperanza. The piano and bass parts are drawn from extended live performances at the legendary Palacio de la Salsa nightclub in the Hotel Riviera on the Malecón.

http://timba.com/percussion​ - CALIXTO OVIEDO: Basic Rhythms is a survey of the traditional rhythms that Calixto (NG la Banda, Adalberto Álvarez, Pachito Alonso) mastered prior to the innovations of his modern period. With dozens of carefully transcribed musical examples, this method helps experienced Latin drummers learn the new Cuban styles, aids American and European drummers to master Latin drumming, and to explain the intricacies of Cuban music to arrangers, listeners and dancers. 

CALIXTO OVIEDO: Timba Gears is a study of the "gear" approach to performing modern Cuban music. Master percussionist Calixto Oviedo (NG la Banda, Adalberto Álvarez, Pachito Alonso) goes through each movement in detail with full transcriptions and explanations from Kevin Moore. This is the second book in a instructional series set to become the new standard for contemporary Latin percussion (drumset & timbales) styles. 

(Use your "balance" control of your stereo system to notice Tomás is on the right channel, while the song form the record is on the left.) - Movimiento de las tumbadoras en el tema "Con La Conciencia Tranquila" - Recording used by permission - Copyright Pyrale Music - All Rights Reserved. Percusionista Tomás Cruz es el conguero original del disco "Con La Conciencia Tranquila" de Paulito F.G. Cada tema del disco tiene su movimiento individual, su propia marcha y efectos, creado por Tomás como aquí lo ven ejecutado. Si usan el control de "Balance" en su sistema estereo notaran que Tomás está en el canal derecho y el tema del disco en el canal izquierdo. 

Instructor Instrument
Cruz, Tomás "Tomasito" Tumbadoras (Congas)
Lewis, Iván "Melón" Piano
Oviedo, Calixto Drums - Timbales
Pérez, Alain Bajo - Bass