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Casinero Sí o Sí - Translation

Translated by Liz Anaya 

Casinero, there is no casino
casino is made by dancing. 
Casino is made on the dance floor 
by playing, not preaching. 
If it is by dancing that you dance it
then you have to show it.

Casinero, there is no casino
for those who prefer talking, 
for those who put words
where there should be feet, 
where you have to put the thing
in the end, as it is.

Casinero, there is no casino
if you don’t enjoy it much, 
If you are a man of words
who can’t bring life to action. 
Woe is me, one day, if I'm talking
when a song is going to play!

Casinero, there is no casino
casino is made by dancing.

Let’s not talk, let’s dance now,
casino lives on and is still in style.
Enjoy it and sing my chorus!
I’ll give you the clave so that you
show your moves

Music : Pedrito Calvo Jr.
Lyrics : Esteban Isnardi

Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 10:52 AM