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SpanishEnglishErick Barbería L. de Guevara

cuban music, musica cubana


instrumento/instrument: voz - congas - batá -bailarín

grupos/groups: Oshe Irawo, Proyecto Artistico Korimacao, Fito Reinoso y su  Ritmo Y Armonia, Orquesta Rumbashe, Jesus Diaz y su QBA, Saoco, Sandy Perez y su Lade, Wobbly World, Pepito Gomez y la Bola, Tito y su Son de Cuba, broken English, Alegria Latin Jazz Ensamble, Rebeca Mauleon y otros

grabaciones/recordings: (CD Obatala) by Chucho and Maria Caridad Valdez produced by Colibri records, (CD Comunicacion) by Fito reinoso y su Ritmo y Armonia, (CD Wobbly World) by Freddy Clarke, (CD Inner Potrait) by Victor Littler, (CD La Guerra No) by John Santos and others

lugar de nacimiento/birthplace: La Habana, Cuba

formación musical/musical background: la ENA, la ISA

lugar actual de residencia/current residence: San Francisco, California

telephones: +1 831-818-4781

website: www.flaco.net/eshuniwe.htm

Erick studied at la ENA  before moving to Santa Cruz, California. He is a master batá drummer and akpón, having studied with and played with such legends as Papo Angarica. He also plays all types of popular Latin music on Congas, Bata, Timbales and Voice. Besides performing, Erick also teaches Afro-Cuban Folkloric and Popular (Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha) dance, song and percussion.  He teaches classes, in local dance studies, private classes, workshops, Middle schools, Junior High schools, High Schools and Universities.  in San Francisco  and can be contacted at the number listed above.


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