SpanishEnglishAsí de Sampling - (Zig Zag/Colibrí) Released 2017

CD Review:  Así de Sampling by Vocal Sampling (Zig Zag/Colibrí 2017)
Review by Bill Tilford, all rights reserved 

Vocal Sampling is Cuba's most versatile acappella group.  In addition to their wonderful singing, they are able to imitate most musical instruments including percussion, brass, strings, and in this recording even electric guitar, with their voices.   This recording is an impressive mix of Cuban classics, North American hits and one Chinese traditional song.  They sing in English, Spanish and Mandarin as appropriate.  Así de Sampling won the Choral and Vocal Music category in Cubadisco 2017.

The following video of El lunes que viene empiezo  is a little misleading because they are using some instruments for props.  The actual sounds are being made by their voices.

This is their rendition of Five Minutes More:


1. El lunes que viene empiezo -René Baños/Yeray Rodríguez
2. De Cuba - René Baños
3. El carretero -  Guillermo Portabales 
4. Tiene que haber de to' - Tony Ávila 
5. Every breath you take - Sting 
6. Five minutes more - Jule Styne - Sammy Cahn
7. Dolor y perdón - Bartolomé Moré
8. Está lloviendo - René Baños
9. Buscando guayaba - Rubén Blades
10. El juego - René Baños
11. Blowing in the wind - Bob Dylan
12. Dos gardenias/viente años - Isolina Carrillo - Maria Teresa Vera
13. Tian mi mi - trad, Zhuang Nu
14. De Cuba (edición radial) - René Baños

Personnel in Así de Sampling 

Role - VoiceName
Baritone, Director René Baños
Tenor Reynaldo Sander; Luis Alberto Alzaga; Héctor Crespo
Bass Oscar Porro
Vocal Percussion Pedro Guillermo Bernard 
Lead Vocal in 4, 12 Rubén Darío Pérez 
Musical Production René Baños
Recording Engineer Maykel Barzagas & Maykel Barzagas Jr
Mix Engineer Maykel Barzagas Jr
Mastering Engineer Maykel Barzagas
Bill Tilford - Wednesday, 06 September 2017, 07:17 PM