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New Album from Verny Varela y La Tropa - La Rumba No Se Acaba - Salsa Dura de Colombia

SpanishEnglishIntroducing Marialy Pacheco - (Neu Klang) Released 2014

CD Review: Introducing Marialy Pacheco by Marialy Pacheco (Neu Klang, 2014)
Review by Bill Tilford, all rights reserved

Nothwithstanding the title of the album, this is not the debut album of this Cuban Jazz pianist/composer; Marialy Pacheco  has at least two earlier album, Bendiciones, recorded in 2004, and Tocando Adentro, in 2008. In 2002, she was the winner of the JoJazz competition in Cuba. This trio session was recorded in Germany in late 2013.  

The Jazz versions of Cuban classics are capably done, but it is the original compositions that make this an interesting album. My favorite is Metro, an atmospheric piece which alternates between 7/8 and 6/8.   

1. ¡Ay! Mama Inés (E. Grenet)
2. En el camino  (M. Pacheco)
3. El Manisero (M. Simons)
4. Rumba  (Cuban Suite, Pt. 1) (M. Pacheco)
5. Danzón (Cuban Suite, Pt. 2) (M. Pacheco)
6. Conga (Cuban Suite, Pt. 3) (M. Pacheco)
7. Madrigal (F. R. Goyko)
8. Tres Lindas Cubanas (G. Castillo)
9. Metro (M. Pacheco)
10. Cambodian Smiles (M. Pacheco)

Here is a video of Marialy perfoming solo (this is not related to the album).

Personnel in Introducing Marialy Pacheco

Role - InstrumentName
Piano/Vocals Marialy Pacheco
Bass Juan Camillo Villa
Drums  Miguel Altamar - Drums
Guest Artists  Joo Kraus (Trumpet, 7, 8); Rhani Krija (Percussion, 9, 10)
Producers Marialy Pacheco, Klaus Wingensiefen & Philipp Heck
Recording, Mixing & Mastering Philipp Heck
Recording Studio Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany


Bill Tilford - Sunday, 10 April 2016, 09:01 PM