SpanishEnglishRemembrance -(Side Door Records) - Released 2012

CD Review: Remembrance by Everton "Pablo" Paul w/ Ruy López-Nussa & La Academia
(Side Door Records 2012)
Reviewer:  Bill Tilford, all rights reserved

This is not the first musical project that mixes Cuban music with Reggae or Ska, but until and unless something better comes along, it is the deepest.   La Academia is one of the best bands in Cuba that you probably have not heard of yet unless you live there.  The leader, Ruy López-Nussa, is Ernán López-Nussa's brother, and he is one of the most formidable drummers in Cuba as well as a composer, author and educator.  The fact that he does not have a higher profile beyond Cuba baffles me, and the same can be said for his group, which is one of the most interesting Jazz and Fusion ensembles in Cuba today - if you were a fan of Grupo Afrocuba a few decades ago, you are in the right place.  La Academia is not a reencarnation of Grupo Afrocuba, but the similarities are unmistakable, especially when it comes to the depth of the arrangements and the musicianship.   The vocalist in this project, Jamaican singer Everton "Pablo" Paul, brings a lot of soul to the vocals.   

One of the things that makes this project distinctive is that a wide range of Cuban rhythms is used in addition to the Jamaican Reggae in some very ingenious arrangements. I'm told that this recording had a mixed reception among Reggae purists, but if you take this music on its own terms, I think that Mr. Marley would have enjoyed this recording as much as the musicians did. 

Songs (all composed by Bob Marley)

1. No Woman No Cry
2. Get Up, Stand Up
3. On Love / People Get Rready
4.  Bad Card
5. Could You Be Loved
6. Exodus
7. Lively Up Yourself
8. Concrete Jungle
9. Is This Love

Musicians in Remembrance

Role - InstrumentName
General Director, Drums Ruy Francisco López-Nussa Lekszycki
Trumpet, Musical Director 
and Arranger
Roberto García López
Piano Jorge Luis Pacheco Campos
Bass  Luis Antonio Izquerdo Clua
Saxophone Ivan Ivanovich González G. 
Trumpet  Michel Ruíz García, Maikel González
Percussion  Octavio Rodríguez Rivera "El Capitán", Otto Santana Selís
Lead Vocal Everton "Pablo" Paul
Coros Alieni Abreu López, Wendy Vizcaino Hermida, Susan Santana Selis
Violin Susan Santana Selis
Guitar David West
Studios Nelson Studio, Havana, Cuba


Bill Tilford - Wednesday, 22 April 2015, 10:17 PM