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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series

SpanishEnglishSabroseando - (Unicornio/Producciones Abdala) 2017

CD Review:  Sabroseando by (Abdala 2017)
Review by Bill Tilford, all rights reserved
is a show band that was formed in 2010 to present music that dates from the 1940s to today, and it has assembled a corps of artists of a sufficiently high caliber to make excellent recordings as well.   In the live show, you'll find a mix of material made popular by the likes of Compay Segundo, Rafael Hernandez but also by Conjunto Rumbavana and Juan Pablo Torres (the Musical Director, Jorge Boulet, played a similar role in Rumbavana for several years, and you can hear that experience shine through in several of the arrangements, and many of the vocalists, some of whom have over 50 years of experience, and musicians have resumes that read like a who's who of Cuban popular music with some Jazz experience as well).

Since incorporates a lot of showmanship and humor into its regular performances at the Hotel Nacional and in Varadero, a mere audio CD does not fully do justice to it.   (You can see a photo gallery of one of their shows here, but even this does not do full justice to the performance).   Nevertheless, the arrangements are first-rate and probably more faithful to the originals than many of the Buena Vista Social Club projects.  Fans of groups such as Conjunto Rumbavana, Senen Suarez etc. will enjoy this album a lot. 

Sabroseando was nominated in the Traditional Popular Music (changed to Conjuntos & Other Formats) category in Cubadisco 2017.

1. Me dirás que Sabroso (comp. Mázimo F. Repilado Muñoz)
2. Los Cañonazos (comp. Senen Suárez)
3. Conversación en Tiempo de Boleros (comp. René Touzet)
4. Qué te Pedi (comp. Fernándo Mulens López)
5. Candelina Ale Candelina Ala (comp. Juan F. Cruz Guizado)
6. Carretero (comp. José Guillermo Castillo)
7. Las 40 (comp. Roberto L. Grela y Francisco Gorrindo)
8. Vereda Tropical (comp. Gonzalo Curiel Barba)
9. A mi Primera Flor (comp. Jorge Boulet)
10.  Desafiando el Destino (Luis M. Llamo Castillo)
11. Silencio (comp. Rafael Hernández Marín)
12.  Tu Fiel Trovador (comp. Adalberto C. Alvarez Zayas)



Credits for

Role - InstrumentName
Lead vocals Félix Baloy, Emilia Morales, Amparo Valdés, Eloy Pozo "Cascarita" Alexander Martínez
Coros Félix Baloy, Alexander Martínez, Alina Puig, Jorge Boulet
Piano Jorge Boulet 
Trumpet Oscar Pedreira, Victor Manuel Pedreira
Trombone Antonio Leal
Flute Policarpo Tamayo
Timbal Karel Páez
Congas, Maragas, Bongo Yordan Cuenca
Güiro Yuri González
Bass Ricardo Muñoz
Guest Artists Vionaika Martínez, vocals
General Production Juan Carlos Bonet Hevia
Executive Production Alina Puig Yantá
Musical Production. Mix Jorge Boulet, Oscar Pedreira
Musical Direction Jorge Boulet
Recording and Mix Susana Fernández López
Mastering Victor Manuel Cicart Rodríguez
Graphic Design Omar Zambrana Ramos
Studio Estudios Abdala
Bill Tilford - Monday, 10 July 2017, 10:13 PM