Discography - 1969 - Los Van Van - The First EPs

1969 - Los Van Van: The First EPs
cuban music, musica cubana
1969 - Los Van Van - EPA-6163
(photos courtesy of Emiliano Echeverría)cuban music, musica cubana


cuban music, musica cubana
1969 - Los Van Van - EPA-6169

cuban music, musica cubana

Formell founded Los Van Van in early 1969. The group quickly recorded two 4-song EPs, EPA-6163 and EPA-6169. A third EP, EPA-6208 came out later that year:

cuban music, musica cubana
1969 - Los Van Van - EPA-6208

The 3 EPs were combined on the first LP in late 1969, which can be bought on CD as La colección, Vol. I.

Los Van Van, Vol. I - Areíto LD-3320
cuban music, musica cubana

tr title   composer arranger lead singer singles
1 El penoso songo Formell Formell . 6163
2 Yuya Martínez ch-68 Formell Formell .  
3 Marilú bol Formell Formell . 6169
4 La bola de humo songo Aparicio Formell . 6169
5 La campana del amor ch-68 Formell Formell . 6163
6 La lucha songo Formell Formell .  
7 Laura Chancleta songo Formell Formell . 6169
8 Soy yo el que te busca songo Formell Formell .  
9 La compota songo Formell Formell . 6169
10 Chiquita di sí songo Formell Formell . 6163
11 Frácase songo Formell Formell . 6163
12 Los momis songo Formell Formell . 6205

Juan Formell: bass, vocals
Pupy Pedroso: keyboards
Miguel Angel "Lele" Rasalps: vocals
José Luis Martínez: guitar, vocals
Blas Egües: drums
Raúl "El Yulo" Cárdenas: congas
Julio Noroña: güiro
Orlando Canto: flute
Gerardo Miró, Jesús Linare, Fernando Leyva, Iván Rocha: violins
Luis Marsilli: cello
William Sánchez: guitar

The first album continued the pop fusion experiments Formell had begun with Revé. We have more on this album in The Roots of Timba.

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