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Interview - April 3, 2006

cuban music, musica cubana
by Michelle White ©

1. We are here with Calle Real who have just released their first full CD. You have a demo or EP that you did a few years back, but this is the first full CD. Has it been released now in all of Europe?
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2. So why don't you guys introduce yourselves...Patricio...
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3. The band has kind of an interesting history because the first time I saw you was at Nalen when it was just three people and it was Buena Vista Social Club. And then I remember with time hearing people say "Oh yeah, Calle Real is really good", and I'm thinking "Yeah, I'm sure they are, but that's not really my thing." And then the next time I saw you I think was at Los Van Van when you opened, and it was just like "OK this is not the same band".
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4. When I read the biography it's like you kept adding one person and one more person and one more person and the band kept getting bigger. And then you went through a point where you were doing more modern son; you were calling it acid-son.
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5. So it was never a conscious decision "OK, now were going to go and do timba", or something like that? Or how did it come about exactly?
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6. Tell us a little bit about your backgrounds, each of you, with the music and how you got into Cuban music specifically. Because I don't think it's necessarily natural for people in Sweden to develop...maybe Patricio...maybe with your background you're a little bit more...
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7. What about your influences? Because at the time you were saying "over my dead body", so you weren't a Revé fan or anything like that then? (I'm thinking of Revé because Patricio plays the tres)
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8. And your style today you say is Timba with heavy pop influences? Or how do you describe it? Because you said at one point "If they expect hardcore timba they'll be disappointed", so I guess it depends on how you define hardcore timba. I have friends in France who rate the CD among the top timba CDs of the year.
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9. Then is this a marketing strategy you're using, Patricio?
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10. What are the other musical influences for the three of you that you listened to when you were young?
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11. You must have been thrilled to be in the home of ABBA.
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12. Your arrangements are done with pretty much everyone contributing, or how does that work?
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13. What are you guys doing with tour plans, because it makes such a difference when you see a band live as opposed to listening to a CD. Do you have plans for touring in Europe in the summer at all, or is it mostly in the region here?
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14. Well good luck with the CD releases.I'm looking forward to seeing you get really famous so I can say "I knew them before they were famous".
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