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Calle Real se lo ganó

cuban music, musica cubana

1. I've been listening to a copy of the new CD, Me lo gané, which I like very much. I notice Patricio that you're the one who mostly does the lyrics. Is that because you have most of the ideas for the songs, or does it just sort of happen?

2. Do you always begin with the lyrics or do you begin with an arrangement?

3. You also have sort of a trova-esque background with your family, so maybe you are a little more interested in meaningful lyrics than "baby party, mueve la cintura"?

4. With the arrangements it seems like it's very much mixed who's involved in the arrangements. Do you have anything like one person who is responsible for the mambos or is it just random who's involved in the arranging of the songs?

5. At the beginning of El anillo there's a little rumba or something but it's not a guaguancó, it's something a little different.

6. And how do you guys feel about clave changes?

7. On both CDs you start out with a really powerful first song. Somos familia is really fast and hardcore like Somos Calle Real.

8. Are you guys really good friends like the song says? Are you like family?

9. You also have two "old" songs that you brought back on this album. Of course you've been playing them live for a while with the new arrangements. Tell me a little something about El amigo José and Ábreme la puerta.
About Ábreme    About Amigo José

10. I have to ask about Jugando Súper Mario Bros. Why? And what are you doing at the beginning of the song? I don't know how to explain other than that it's a bit...weird. I don't know what it is. It's not exactly pop it's not exactly R&B.

11. Another thing that also is weird is what I'm calling the "helium rap" at the beginning of La eternidad del amor because it sounds like you were on helium when you sang it.

12. In terms of live how does the band work? Are you more like La Charanga Habanera where each song has its efectos and the songs are always played the same? Or are you more like Paulito where you have signals and change the efectos and marchas and things?

13. Considering the success of the "Venezuelan bootleg" have you guys given any thought to making a live recording or a live DVD?

14. What about nicknames in the band like the story behind El Dony?

15. Also I wanted to ask you about Me lo gané because to me that also seems to be a lyric that has a lot to say about the band and what you guys are trying to do.

16. To me it seems like Calle Real has developed its own sello at least in terms of the melodies and harmonies that you've used on the two albums. What do you guys think is distinctive about your music?

17. How much dance factor is there when you're writing a song, how much are you thinking about the dancers?

18. You do that a lot on the new album, like two or three times. In El Dony you're going along at about 90 bpm and then you drop to 80, a big drop.

19. Well good luck. I think the album's going to be a hit. I'll see you guys at Mosebacke.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011, 03:31 AM