Discography - Si Quieres, Quiéreme

2006 - Si Quieres, Quiéreme (Promo - Envidia)

Si quieres, quiéreme was a promo that reached Europe before the CD Recoge y vete was completed. Most of the songs are the same, although the order is different and the versions on Si quieres, quiéreme are less developed then what later appeared on the actual release. The demo also contained 3 songs that didn't make it onto the final album and these are what we will look at here.

Maykel Blanco enjoys various music styles but has a tremendous appreciation of Cuban musical traditions. This is evident in Como el aire , which is a short danzón with vocals. 

Es mi manera is a ballad with nothing more than piano and vocals. Very pretty, but I can see why Maykel decided to leave it off Recoge y vete , since it does not fit in with the dance theme of that album.

Mi china Gladis is the only timba that didn't make Recoge y vete . As with many timba songs, the lyrics are open to double and triple entendre and I'm not sure why he decided not to record it. Maybe it will turn up again on a later CD or perhaps it will join the list of timba demos that never made an album.

Track listing:
Recoge y vete
Como el aire
Es mi manera
Lo bello por dentro
Mi china Gladis
Si quieres, quiéreme
Si yo pudiera
Esto está

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