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Rumbavana - 1988-De nuevo con Rumbavana

1988 - De nuevo con Rumbavana
Siboney LD-414
cuban music, musica cubana

cuban music, musica cubana

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tr title style composer arranger lead singer
1 Si me hablan de ti, tío bach-s J. González J. González

Onelio Pérez

2 El quimbombó de Georgelina bach-s Frank Pérez J. González

Onelio Pérez

3 Sazonando s-mt Luis Martínez Griñan J. González

Onelio Pérez

4 Es que no lo puedo evitar bach-s A. Rodríguez A. Rodríguez Onelio Pérez
5 La linda china bach-gg Evaristo Aparicio . Orestes Macias
6 Buenos días America bach-s Pablo Milanés . Orestes Macias
7 Tú lo decidiste b-cha Tony Lamas . Orestes Macias
8 La pille bach-gg

Pedro Izquierdo
(Pello el Afrokán)

. Orestes Macias

This discography is a work in progress -- a "wiki" of sorts. Our goal in publishing it in this form is to encourage readers to write in with additions and corrections.

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