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In 2002, hundreds of readers from all over the world ranked their 5 top choices in each category. The selection was to be made for the greatest of all time rather than the greatest of the current year. A #1 vote was given 5 points, a #2 vote 4 points, and #3 vote 3 points and so on. This process determined the 5 nominees in each category and another round of voting determined the final winners, again using the ranking system. Michelle White hand-painted the actual awards and has personally given out most of them. Click here for Michelle's account of presenting Charanga Habanera with its healthy share of the awards, complete with a video clip of David Calzado's "acceptance speech".

Best Timba Song of All-Time

Best Lyrics in a Timba Song

Best Timba Dance Song

Best Timba Songwriter

Best Timba Arranger

Best Timba Lyricist


Best Timba Album

Best Timba Band

Best Charanga Habanera

Best Timba Band to Hear Live

Best Timba Bandleader

Best Timba Horn Section

Best Timba Coro Section


Best Timba Lead Singer (overall)

Best Timba Lead Singer (guías)

Best Timba Lead Singer (improvisation)

Most Charismatic and Attractive Lead Singer (male)

Most Charismatic and Attractive Lead Singer (female)

Best Dancer (among singers)

Best Coro Singer


Best Timba Drummer

Best Timba Conguero

Best Timba Timbalero

Best Timba Bongocero

Best Timba Guiro-player


Best Timba Pianist

Best Timba Bassist

Best Timba Synth Player (tecladista)

Best Timba Trumpeter

Best Timba Trombonist

Best Timba Saxophonist

Best Timba Flautist

Best Timba Violinist

Best Timba Cellist
Orestes Calderón of El Trabuco was the only nominee

Best Timba Guitarist

Best Timba Instrumental Soloist

Best Dancer (among instrumentalists)


Best Place to Hear Timba Live

Best-recorded Timba CD


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