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LA TIMBA LA TRAIGO YO - Nuevo Disco + Gira Europa de Robert Armas y los Conquistadores de la Salsa

SpanishEnglishSólo se vive una vez - (Planet Records) Released 2014

CD Review -  Sólo se vive una vez   by Laritza Bacallao (Planet Records 2014)
Review by Michelle White , All rights reserved

Laritza Bacallao - Sólo se vive una vez Cubadisco 2015 Winner - Opera Prima

Laritza Bacallao was born into music. Both her her father (Ernesto Bacallao) and grandfather (Felo Bacallao) were singers with Orquesta Aragón, and as a child Laritza sang with that legendary orchestra on more than one occasion. While her family history is permanently associated with the best in Cuban traditional dance music, Laritza's first solo album, "Sólo se vive una vez", can be described as Pan-Caribbean electronica. There is no salsa or timba and the only acoustic song is a bachata by Descemer Bueno. Instead most songs freely mix electronic versions of Caribbean rhythms such as plena, batucada, conga, merengue, bachata, ballada and reggaeton.

"Sólo se vive una vez" is certainly a lot of music for your money containing 16 songs. Several of the tracks have spent time at the top of the Cuban charts, most notably "Estrés", "Que suenen los tambores", "Carnaval" and "Nadie te lo quita (lo que está para ti)". The video for "Que suene  los tambores" won in the Lucas  2014 Award (Cubans video awards) for Best Electronic Merengue and the album took home the Cubadisco 2015 "Opera Prima" award. Most of the songs were written by Osmany Espinosa with Martin Freddy contributing five songs. There is also a tribute to Juan Formel - a reggae inspired version of "El buey cansao".

This is not a music for dancing casino, but it is a contagious dance album. The songs have the  simplicity of merengue with the intensity of electronica, making it tempting and easy for even the most left-footed to dance along. It will appeal to the younger crowd and fans of that illusive Tropical genre. You can purchase "Sólo se vive una vez" at Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

tr title composer
1 Estrés (Sólo se vive una vez) Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
2 Nadie te lo quita (lo que está pa ti) Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
3 Te amo Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
4 Malvada Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
5 La exclusiva Martin Freddy Fenty Leonard
6 Que suenen los tambores Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
7 Que vive la fiesta
Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
8 Carnaval
Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
9 El buey cansao
Juan Formell Cortina
10 Tan sólo tú Martin Freddy Fenty Leonard
11 Enamórate de otra Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
12 Si tu amor me va a matar Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
13 Una lágrima Descemer Bueno
14 Obvio que te odio (La traición) Martin Freddy Fenty Leonard
15 Avariciosa Martin Freddy Fenty Leonard
16 Se te fué el avión Martin Freddy Fenty Leonard


Personnel in Sólo se vive una vez

Role - Instrument Name
Vocals Laritza Bacallao
Producers Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
J. Simon
Marvin Freddy Fenty Leonard
Pianos Dayan Pérez
Cuban percussion Elizardo Santos
Guitars Julio Montoro
Rodney Blanco
Bass Ernesto Bacallao
Trumpet Arrechea
Trombone Joel Cruz
Songs 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,16 Artistic Production:
Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
General production, arrangemnets,

Recording, Mixing & Mastering:
Osmany Ernesto Espinosa Morales
J. Simon

Planet Records Coordinator

Manuel Rodda Payrol

Recorded at:
La Oficina Secreta & Estudios Scorpio
12, 13,14,15

Artistic Production:
Marvin Freddy Fenty Leonard

Recorded at:
Celula Music

Recording, Mixing & Mastering:
DJ. Unic & Lifak

Photography Omar Leyva
Wadrobe and image Ismael De La Caridad
Makeup Manolito
Laritza's image Mongui, EStrella, Joan, Miguelito
Laritza's personal assistant Raciel Polo
Graphic Design José Rojas
Michelle White - Thursday, 23 July 2015, 03:58 PM