Patrick Hickey - Jelly's Retrospective 2

Jesus Diaz - Jelly's San FranciscoJesús Díaz

Gerardo Borras - Jelly's San FranciscoGeraldo Borras

Anthony Blea - Jelly's San FranciscoAnthony Blea

Javier Navarette - Jelly's San FranciscoJavier Navarette

My preferred time was to arrive when the bands set up.

Melecio Magdaluyo - Jelly's San FranciscoMelecio Magdaluyo

Jesus Diaz y Su QBA - Jelly's San FranciscoJesús Díaz and Marco Díaz

This allowed for candid shooting, with the fantastic natural lighting. It was also a great time to get to know the musicians and staff as people, see how much time and effort is required for them to move gear, set up, tune, dial in nuances of their craft, and then kick butt for four to six hours.

Genesie y Fito Reinoso - Jelly's San FranciscoGenesie and Fito Reinoso

Monday, 28 May 2012, 09:00 PM