Peter Maiden - San José - SJ Jazz - 8/2012

Wil Campa y su Gran Unión

This excellent Cuban band spent some time in the Bay Area since their shows at Yoshi's in order to appear at the San Jose Jazz Festival August 10, 2012.  It was a rare exposition of world class Timba for the Jazz Festival crowd.

Some of the guys in the band before their set.

Arturo Riera, "Mr. Latin Jazz," who programmed the Latin music at the Festival, prepares to introduce Wil Campa

The Introduction

Wil Campa

L: Yaroby Gallardo Valdes on vocals, R: Rafael Alejandro Ávila Pérez on piano

Edel Herrera Borges on drums

Andrés Miranda Pérez "Negrón" on congas

John Calloway sitting in on flute

Enthusiasm unbridled


Wil Campa and the crowd


domingo, 12 agosto 2012, 09:41 pm