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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series


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Tuesday, 09 February 2010, 02:49 AM

Volume 4 Goes Live on LPM

Beyond Salsa Piano - The Cuban Timba Piano Revolution - by Kevin Moore - Vol. 4 The audio files and eBook for Beyond Salsa Piano, Volume 4 are now available on For those who prefer hard-copy, those will go live in about a week, but remember that the audio files can only be bought at LPM.

This finally completes the "roots of timba" phase of the piano project. Volume 4 is all about the 1980s: Rumbavana, Adalberto, Son 14, Los Maravillas (with the early work of Manolito Simonet), Aliamén, and of course Elio Revé y su Charangón. There's even a section on Los Karachi for true 1980s connoisseurs. The 80s were a wild time and it's very interesting to study the transition from the songo era and the birth pangs of the timba revolution. It's also cool to see what timba favorites like El Indio, El Tosco, Tony Calá, Manolito, and Calixto Oviedo were up in their formative years. The coro ya yo tenía mi tumbao pega'o has taken on much greater meaning for me!

It's been an extremely interesting process, but I'm definitely ready to return to Volume 5: Introduction to Timba, which is 90% done and will hopefully go live in a week or two.

Click here for some previews of Volume 4.

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Saturday, 06 February 2010, 11:31 PM

Ya tenía su tumbao pega'o

That's right - Issac Delgado in 1983, looking different but sounding remarkably similar.

He wasn't kidding with that coro:

o no es de ahora - ya yo tenía mi tumbao pega'o"

click "continue reading" for the full video.

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Saturday, 06 February 2010, 01:25 PM

Nuevo Álbum de Contrabando ahora disponible

Contrabando New Release "ABRIENDO CAMINOS" Now Available

Premicia Mundial - World Premier

Abriendo Caminos - Contrabandooprima aquí para oir pistas - click here to listen to previews

Dirigido por el ex-Pupy y los que Son Son trombonista Andrés "El Paisa" Fernández Ordoñez, esta orquesta de Bélgica realiza su segundo disco. Creativos arreglos con buena marcha destacan los temas originales del joven grupo. Invitados especiales José "Pepito" Gómez (tema 4) y Marc Bishoff (temas 6 y 8). La producción es el resultado de la busqueda de nuevos caminos e interpretaciones de la música popular cubana. Con un repertorio propio han logrado fusionar con gran elegancia la timba con la bachata, salsa, jazz, bomba pertorriqueña y otros ritmos latinos. La descarga de este álbum incluye el librito completo del CD (full CD booklet pdf included). MUY RECOMMENDADO.

Abriendo Caminos - ContrabandoDirected by the ex-Pupy y los que Son Son trombonist Andrés "El Paisa" Fernández Ordoñez, this Belguim based orchestra presents its second release. Creative arrangements mark the great original compositions and tight performance. Special guests include singer José "Pepito" Gómez (track 4) and pianist Marc Bishoff (tracks 6 & 8). The production is a result of the quest for new interpretations of popular Cuban music. Its success lies on the successful mix of Afro-Cuban traditions with bachata, salsa, jazz, puertorican bomba and other caribbean rhythms. Highly Recommended.

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Friday, 05 February 2010, 09:45 AM


Flash Update on New Revé CD

Elito Revé in FranceMore information is coming in on the new CD that Orquesta Revé has just finished recording, which I reported on ealier today. The album will be named
Fans will immediately recognize this as one of Elito's battle cries. If you are new to Cuban music I would encourage you to sift through all the information in our Orquesta Revé section. Elio Revé y Su Charangón has been one of the most important bands in the development of modern Cuban salsa since its establishment in 1956.

Elito Revé on the Paris Metro - Photo courtesy of Patrick Bonnard

The title song was written and arranged by Pachi and Andy, the pianist and timbalero respectively. They did other arrangements on the album as well. Aisar Hernández, bassist and musical director, also contributed songs and arrangements, and Elito himself wrote two of the songs on album. All in all there are 12 songs including a rumba as well as a traditional changüí performed by Pipi y sus Estrellas Campesinas. I have a particular fondness for Pipi having spent time at a real changüí party at Casa de Pipi in Yateras.

As for the new charangonera, 26-year old Susel "La China", she is the most recent addition to the band having been with Sello LA previously. Although she's not well known...yet...she sings well and has good technique. I am looking forward to seeing this new addition to the group. As I mentioned in the previous report, "La China" sings "Ya sé cantar, ya sé bailar", a song that was recorded by Elio Revé Matos, probably in the 70s according to our discography. It has been given new life by a Pachi/Andy arrangement.

The more I hear about this CD the more excited I get! So ya'll better get ready over there in El Yuma!

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