Formell y Los Van Van - 2017 U.S.A. Tour - Direct from Cuba with visas secured - For bookings contact Searock Music at 917.617.5708 & 917.687.2486


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Formell y Los Van Van - 2017 U.S.A. Tour - Direct from Cuba with visas secured - For bookings contact Searock Music at 917.617.5708 & 917.687.2486
Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series

Timbera Mayor

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Thursday, 22 June 2017, 03:17 PM

El Tren Bala

European Tour Starts June 28

Angelito & El Tren Bala

ENGLISH: This weekend El Tren Bala, which now includes singer Marcelo Villar, will be performing their last shows in Lima before starting their European 2017 summer tour organized by Greco Bayobar. The confirmed dates are posted below and if you know of any others please send an email with the date, city and venue. 

Ángelito & El Tren Bala released their first CD "Mi Historia" at online vendors in 2016 and are only weeks away from releasing the singles "El Rey Del Timbón" and "Todo Está Escrito En Esta Vida". The new album will also include Marcelo on lead vocals.

Ángelito Ramírez & El Tren Bala con Michel Maza

They just finished a concert with Michel Maza last night and took a minute after the concert to record a greeting for the fans in Italy.

Tour dates:
Friday June 30 - Madrid, Spain - Discoteca Prisma
Saturday July 1 - Barcelona, Spain- Discoteca Melao Room
Friday July 7 - Florence, Italy - Latin Forever 2
Saturday July 8 - Milan, Italy - Space 25
Sunday July 9 - Rome, Italy - El Campo Sportivo Atletico 2000

ESPAÑOL Este fin de semana El Tren Bala, que ahora incluye al cantante Marcelo Villar, tocarán sus últimos conciertos en Lima antes de iniciar su gira de verano de 2017 organizada por Greco Bayobar. Las fechas confirmadas se publican a continuación y si conoce otras, por favor envíe un correo electrónico con la fecha, ciudad y lugar.

Ángelito & El Tren Bala lanzaron su primer CD "Mi Historia" en las tiendas digitales en 2016 y están a pocas semanas de lanzar los singles "El Rey Del Timbón" y "Todo Está Escrito En Esta Vida". El nuevo álbum también incluirá a Marcelo entre las voces principales.

Viernes 30 de Junio - Madrid, España - Discoteca Prisma
Sabado 01 de Julio - Barcelona, España - Discoteca Melao Room
Viernes 07 de Julio - Firenze, Italia - Latin Forever 2
Sabado 08 de Julio - Milano, Italia - Space 25
Domingo 09 de Julio - Roma, Italia - el campo sportivo atletico 2000

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Saturday, 10 June 2017, 08:17 AM

El Noro y 1ra Clase Europe 2017

Tour Starts June 15

El Noro y 1ra Clase Stockholm 2017

El Noro y 1ra Clase begin their 2017 tour of Europe next Thursday June 15th at Cabaret Sauvage in Paris. I'm excited because I will get to see the band live for the first time on Friday June 16th in Stockholm! Note: If you're planning to go to the Stockholm concert, buy your tickets in advance because they will not be sold at the door. Click here for the concert dates .

For those of you who have only recently come to timba, here is a short retrospective of El Noro's career. Although he began singing with Doble Impacto, I first met Norisley Valladares "El Noro" in 2007 when he was with Maykel Blanco. His distinctive voice, charismatic stage presence and trademark blond spikes made him instantly recognizable. During his time with Maykel Blanco y su Salsa Mayor, El Noro became a household name among timba fans around the world.

Cuba took note and in December 2007 during a Salsa Mayor national tour, El Noro received a call from Manolito Simonet asking him to join the Trabuco as replacement for Sixto Llorente "El Indio". Honestly, replacing a master-sonero like El Indio is not an easy position to be in, but I went to the second concert El Noro did after joining El Trabuco and was very impressed when the time came for him to sing "Marcando la distancia". He really was able to pull it off, and during his time with Manolito, he also tried his hand at composing. One of his signature songs from that period is "La bomba". Here is El Noro performing "La Bomba" with Manolito in Rome in 2008.

In 2009 none other than César "Pupy" Pedroso invited El Noro to join Los Que Son Son. Here he sang updated versions of "Ni bombones, ni caramelos" and "Parece mentira" and many hits such as "Un loco con una moto", "Seis semanas" and "Dicen que dicen" as well as some of his own compositions: "No te deje por mala", "Esta es mi música" and "La preferencia".

On October 20, 2013 after nearly 4 years with Pupy y Los Que Son Son, El Noro decided to take a big risk and start his own orchestra. Now he could establish his own sello reinterpreting his hits and creating a new repertoire according to his personal musical tastes.

The first CD by El Noro y 1ra Clase - "Sin escalas" - was released in 2015 and was awarded "Best Dance Music - New Talent" at Cubadisco 2016. The album includes a couple of his previous hits "La bomba" feat. Alexander Abreu and "La preferencia", as well as ten new compositions. He chose to only use his own compositions for the first CD.

El Noro has not been idle since then and a new CD is in the works. He has also begun working with other composers. You can find some of his other songs at YouTube such as "3 con 2", "Estoy en 0", "Música diferente", "Pa' lo mal hecho" and "Cinturita."

Summary: For the past ten years El Noro has been one of the most popular and recognizable young singers in Cuba. His career path took him through three important Cuban bands where he learned from each bandleader. His orchestra - 1ra Clase - has already received honors from the Cuban music industry and has completed successful tours of Europe and Peru. If you get the chance to see the band live, don't miss it! I wont!

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Saturday, 20 May 2017, 12:10 PM

Distinction for National Culture

Awards Ceremony Held May 17th

Maykel Blanco Distinción de la Cultura Natural

English: On the afternoon of May 17th at a ceremony in the José Martí Memorial, the Ministry of Culture awarded the Distinction of National Culture on 74 musicians and promoters.The award was established in 1981 and is conferred upon people or institutions for outstanding contributions to Cuban culture. Many of the names are familiar to timberos: Maykel Blanco, Rolando Luna, Samuel Formell, Alexander Abreu, Orlando "Maraca" Valle, Pedro Lugo "El Nene", Leo Vera and more. Click here for the full list of award recipients and congratulations to all of them.

Español: En la tarde del 17 de mayo en una ceremonia en el Memorial de José Martí, el Ministerio de Cultura otorgó la Distinción de Cultura Nacional a 74 músicos y promotores. El premio fue establecido en 1981 y se otorga a personas o instituciones por destacadas contribuciones a la cultura cubana. Muchos de los nombres son bien conocidos a los timberos: Maykel Blanco, Rolando Luna, Samuel Formell, Alexander Abreu, Orlando "Maraca" Valle, Pedro Lugo "El Nene", Leo Vera y muchos más. Haga clic aquí para ver la lista completa de receptores del premio y nuestras felicitaciones a todos.

Maykel Blanco Distinción de la Cultura Natural

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Friday, 19 May 2017, 03:22 AM

Havana D'Primera

US Tour Underway

Havana D'Primera S.O.B.s

Alexander Abreu & Havana D'Primera kicked off their US tour with a concert last night at La Scala in Miami. Tonight they will be at SOB's in New York before heading to the other coast for concerts in California, Oregon, Washington and also Las Vegas. The California concerts will also feature Mayito Rivera . Click here to see the US tour dates.   I leave you with a song I have not stopped listening to since it came out. Click here to buy the "Siempre sí" single at Cubamusic - highly recommended!

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