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New Album from Verny Varela y La Tropa - La Rumba No Se Acaba - Salsa Dura de Colombia
Música tropical de Cuba y Francia - Rubén Paz y Chéverefusión


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domingo, 15 noviembre 2009, 04:29 am

QBA with Carlos Caro Tonight

At Moe's Alley. See you there.

UPDATE: They were on fire! Like a band from Cuba, the years of rehearsing and arranging have resulted in an overwhelming arsenal of gears and bloques. Murray Low has got that crazy Rolando Luna finger action going and I don't think I've heard any Cuban drummer play the snare drum more creatively than Carlos Caro who was completely off the hook tonight. Look for a photo gallery and maybe even a bit of video from Tom. His fancy new still camera actually takes better video than most dedicated videocams. Also, mark down Dec. 11 at Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland. Jesús didn't give too many details, but it sounds like a major event. This could be a great new Bay Area venue.

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sábado, 14 noviembre 2009, 02:14 pm

Entrevista con Juan Kemell

La Barriada

Juan KemellJuan Kemell y La Barriada performed here in Stockholm last Sunday as part of SELAM's African Festival. I took the opportunity to sit down with Juan Kemell before the show and talk about the tour, the last CD "Havananza" and the band's philosophy which is about simply making people happy.

The interview is in WMV format and in Spanish. Click here to watch the interview and stay tuned for the full concert report coming soon...

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sábado, 14 noviembre 2009, 04:13 am

Septeto Nacional de Cuba - In Concert in the US

Saturday, November 21 - Calle 8, Miami

Septeto Nacional en MiamiFor reservations call 305.541.2631 - Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro are paragon interpreters of son, Cuba's national music genre par excellence. Decades before the Buena Vista Social Club, the septet performed the compositions of its namesake, transforming them into international standards of the son tradition. Septeto Nacional, was formed in 1927 by the first superstar of Cuban son, Ignacio Piñeiro. Born and raised in the working class Havana neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, Piñeiro epitomized the urban sonero. He started out as a brilliant rumbero, and he was a well-known akpón or lead vocalist of the santería chant tradition......


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viernes, 13 noviembre 2009, 12:37 am

The New TOC Feature

Among the complaints about the old timba.com were the difficulty of finding things and the huge pages that required so much scrolling. To address this, we've added the new INDICE-TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURE. When an article is long, it sprouts a Table of Contents to the right, so you can quickly find your way around. For example, here's the TOC from Tom Ehrlich's massive new exhibit on the Latin Side of the San José Jazz Festival:

Click on "continue reading for more on this.

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