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Concierto Eurotropical1997 - Concierto Eurotropical - This is a two-disc live concert which includes 20 tracks from seven different groups, including 5 tracks from Klimax and 4 from another major Timba group, Manolito y su Trabuco. It's a rare chance to hear live Timba with really good audio quality and both groups are on fire. The omnipresent "Cuba", included by request as the "theme song" of the video (at least here it has a nice piano solo from Wicho), is joined by four of Klimax's best songs: "Juego de Manos", "Zorreando", "Consejo a una Amiga", and the pièce de resistance, a version of "Catarro Chino" that simply defies description, highlighted by fiery drum fills and piano breakdowns, and Calunga at the peak of his powers. Unfortunately, the companion video release contains only 3 of the 5 - "Cuba", "Juego de Manos" and "Consejo a una Amiga".

Concierto Eurotropical II1999 - Concierto Europtropical II - This followup concert contains a single Klimax track, "El Ventilador". See "Juego de Manos" for the story of this song. For the diehard Klimax fan, it's worth buying the CD just for this one song.

Sunday, 07 October 2018, 10:14 PM