SpanishEnglishDiscography - Studio Recordings: 2000s

Klimax and Friends2002 - Klimax & Friends - This is the Klimax "Jazz CD", although it also has several vocal timba tracks. It features a long list of Cuba's best jazz players: Chucho Valdés, Hernan López-Nussac, Alexander Abreu, Germán Velazco, Changuito, Julio Padrón, Chappotín, and Román Filiu. The compositions and arrangements contain many interesting harmonic elements not normally found in Latin Jazz. Here are some audio examples:

1) Melena Obbatala

2) Contraste

3) Torre de Cali

Nadie se parece a ti2004 - Nadie se parece a ti - Featuring guest artists such as Roberto Van Van, this album, on Egrem, combines hardcore Timba with a variety of experiments with Cumbia and other South American pop rhythms. But no matter how each track begins, it always ends up sounding like pure Klimax.

La chica perfecta - audio clip (with Robertón & Calunga)

Track listing, musicians, and Duniel Deya's interview with Piloto on the CD

Solo tu y yo

2008 - Sólo tú y yo - The new Cubadisco-nominated release - to be reviewed soon

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