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Tuesday, 14 August 2018, 06:53 AM

RIP Don Pancho Terry

Tom Ehrlich's Tribute to the Legendary Musician

Here's Tom's tribute, with photos, to one of the all time greats of Cuban music. Don Pancho composed and played chékere and violin for Maravilla de Florida during their most innovative period and was the patriarch of one of Cuba's most celebrated musical families, including Yosvany and Yunior Terry.

QEPD, Don Pancho


Don Pancho was a magical presence both onstage and off. Offstage, I only met him very briefly a couple of times. Somehow I just knew he was going to live forever and didn't get to asking him about an interview in time. Now on my list of deep regrets. But music is life, and he remains with us in sound if not in body.

Posted by: Bill Tilford on Tuesday, 14 August 2018, 04:03 PM

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