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Thursday, 26 September 2013, 05:01 PM

Latin Grammys: Cubans dominate Traditional Tropical & Latin Jazz

LVV Director JUAN FORMELL to receive Lifetime Achievement Awardl

The 2013 Latin Grammy nominees have been announced! Four (4) out of the five (5) nominees for the Best Traditional Tropical Album category are Cuban music artists (Sentimentales by Lucy Fabery and Humberto Ramírez is a release from Puerto Rico). Here they are:

2013 Latin Grammy nominees

  2013 Latin Grammy nominees
Un Siglo De Pasión    
Arturo Sandoval  
Label: E35
  La Canción Cubana
Ernán Lopez-Nussa y Rolando Luna
Label: Producciones Colibri/Cinquillo
(read our review)
2013 Latin Grammy nominees   2013 Latin Grammy nominees
La Habana Tiene Su Son
Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro
Label: Bis Music
(read our review)
  Vamos Pa' La Fiesta
Septeto Santiaguero
Label: Picap, S.L. 
(read our review)

In the LATIN JAZZ category, the both Valdés father and son recieved nominations. I would put my money on Border Free as our executive summary says it all. Read our review here. La resenà del disco de Chucho Valdés padre aquí. 

Another highight is a Lifetime Achievement Award for the leader of Los Van Van... Juan Formell. read below...

From LARAS - "Oscar D'León, Juan Formell, Roberto Menescal, Totó La Momposina, Palito Ortega, Eddie Palmieri, and Miguel Ríos will be honored with The Latin Recording Academy®'s Lifetime Achievement Award, and Mario Kreutzberger aka "Don Francisco" and Pedro Ramírez Velázquez are the recipients of the prestigious Trustees Award. These honorees will be acknowledged at a special invitation-only ceremony on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas as part of the weeklong 14th Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards® celebration."


2913 Latin recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award JUAN FORMELL - Los Van Van

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013, 04:03 AM

Music from Cuba & P.R. carry prominent role in new feature film

The House That Jack Built

Billboard Film & TV Music Conference Oct. 29-30 @ W Hotel Holllywood

After its much anticipated premier at the 2013 Los Angeles film Festival this past July, The House That Jack Built is a new motion picture coming your way after a nearly 20-year long journey. This was the last script written by Joseph Vasquez, whose 1991 film HANGIN' WITH THE HOMEBOYS was a rare Latino themed hit in the early days of the American Indie movement. With the blessings of Joe's mother, producers Mike Lieber and Sam Kitt (Love And Basketball) kept alive the idea of turning the script into a film, which was then filmed on location in New York by director Henry Barrial.  

Quick summary: With the hope of re-creating his gauzy vision of good times gone by, Jack is pot dealer who buys a Bronx building into which he moves his extended family. When his relatives fail to meet his nostalgic expectations, Jack tries to force them to conform. Instead, he learns a sad lesson about the strength and limitations of family bonds.

Music for the film includes Celosa, a Cuban son by 2013 Grammy nominee Raúl Lara, an old-school, Trio-Los-Panchos love song La Golondrina del Amor by boricua Willie "El Zentinela" Delgado, the Afro-Cuban grooves of Vissión Latina with Que Sabor Tiene Odalys, a lively plena from Plena LIbre with Que Rico Tumbao, the dark urban vibe of Hay Que Frontear courtesy of LG el Xtrasensorial and the ending scene cue from another boricua Tropmontune with Que Pasará.  

A red-carpet film screening of The House That Jack Built is scheduled for New York early October (stay tuned for the exact date). It will be the first film in a series called PROYECTO NEXT, sponsored by HBO.

The House That Jack Built - New York screening

Speaking of music in film, the Billboard Film & TV Music Conference is scheduled for October 29 & 30 at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Highlights include talks on the expanding role of music publishers -- the key players behind the scenes securing uses of songs for film and TV projects -- and a keynote address by Alexandra Patsavas, whose credits include "Scandal", “Mad Men”, "Hart of Dixie", "Gossip Girl", "The O.C.", the “Twilight Saga”, "Perks of Being a Wallflower", and the upcoming film “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. Use the code LPM13 to register here.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013, 06:24 PM

Los Conquistadores de la Salsa Announce 2013 USA Tour

Gira de los EE.UU. -- CUBANO NATURAL is excited to announce the 2013 USA Tour of Los CONQUISTADORES DE LA SALSA, stars of Lima, Peru's established Timba music scene, and ready to meet their US based fanbase after their release of their 4th album CUBANO NATURAL. Confirmed cities to be announced soon -- stay tuned. Their current hit is Enamorao de la Habana it on their video page. 

Para más información escriba al -- for more information and tour booking contact
conquistadores.usatour [arroba]

West Coast = 775.230.6501                                551.482.8766 = East Coast

click here for the full bio in English                        oprima aquí para la biografía en Español

click here to see their Videos                                               oprima aquí para ver los Videos

Robert Armas y los Conquistadores de la Salsa - 2013 USA Tour

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Wednesday, 07 August 2013, 02:28 PM

Pacific Mambo Orchestra Preps for National Tour

~3000 Strong at the Civic Center Plaza & Lawn Downtown Los Gatos

In preparation for their upcoming national tour, the Pacific Mambo Orchestra played the open air lawn to more than 3000 at the Civic Center Plaza in downtown Los Gatos. Sharpening their set and show, the PMO featured 6 saxes, 4 trumpets and 4 trombones...a veritable wall of classic mambo sounds. Visit the official tour page here.

Click HERE to view the full PMO Show Photo Gallery by Peter Maiden 

Jorge Pomar, Bass, with the Band

Co-leader & trumpeter Steffen Kuehn

Co-leader Cirstian Tumalan on the piano and keytar

The Pacific Mambo Orchestra in Full Swing

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