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Se llama sabroso - ZONA FRANKA

Timbera Mayor

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Tuesday, 29 January 2019, 10:38 AM



Empieza mi sonImage ©Esteban Isnardi Used by permission

ENGLISH: A new single is on the way from Pablo Timba y Su Timbacalle feat. Robertón Hernández of Los Van Van and lyrics by Esteban Isnardi. "Empieza mi son", which will be released on February 5th, will take its place in the polemic concerning son and salsa. I asked composer Esteban Isnardi what the motivation for the song was and whether he wrote it with Robertón in mind. 

Isnardi: Actually it all started with a controversial video where a famous linear salsa dancer dances, with his "liner" style, a traditional Son.  Many Cuban teachers were offended and a debate was born. There was a video of relative excuses, then another provocative one. I realized that the topic was very current, very contentious. That motivated me to create the phrase "tu salsa termina donde empieza mi son" [your salsa ends where my son starts] and print it on a t-shirt.

Esteban Isnardi I went back to watch videos where the artists that Robertón names, Johnny Pacheco, Blades, Tito Puente, explain that what they did was only Cuban music and that also contributed to my inspiration. My phrase was very successful in social networks and I even discovered that, with the same typography that I chose for my shirt, they had made variations.

In addition to all this, Pablo Timba contacted me and asked me for a song. I started thinking that this would be a good topic and we agreed.

Life, the magic of life, gave us a beautiful opportunity, that is, the Van Van were on tour in Europe and, with Pablo Timba living in Italy, the three days off for the orchestra allowed him to go to Milan from his Sicily and record the song with Robertón. I didn't write it thinking directly about him, but always with the dream that the Van Van, or one of them could sing it, and with this my dream was realized.

Working with the talented Pablo Timba and his group Timbacalle was a great experience, and also the fact that the former Van Van, Pavel Molina (current director of Songomanía), plays the bass in our song, is the cherry on the cake.

I am aware that the song will be controversial, but at the same time I didn't make anything up, what I wrote is based on easily verifiable documents. With that text I added my two cents to ask for respect and, something very nice, Robertón often say "cultura!" as an interjection. That's how he ended the last SMS that he sent me, for example, and precisely  -- my song defends the culture. So there is no better interpreter than him for "Empieza mi son"

To keep up with the latest news from Pable Timba i Su Timbacalle, sign-up for their newsletter.

ESPANOL: Un nuevo single está en camino de Pablo Timba y Su Timbacalle feat. Robertón Hernández de Los Van Van y letra de Esteban Isnardi. "Empieza mi son", saldrá al mercado el 5 de febrero, y tomará su lugar en la polémica sobre el son y la salsa. Le pregunté al compositor Esteban Isnardi cuál fue la motivación de la canción y si la escribió con Robertón en mente.

Isnardi: En realidad todo empezó con un vídeo polémico donde un famoso bailarín de salsa en línea baila, con su estilo de "liner", un Son tradicional. Muchos maestros cubanos se sintieron ofendidos y de ahí nació un debate. Hubo un vídeo de excusas relativas, luego otro provocativo. Me di cuenta que el tema era muy actual, muy "peleado". Eso me motivó a crear la frase "tu salsa termina donde empieza mi son" y sacarla en una camiseta.

Contribuyó a mi inspiración el hecho que volví a ver vídeos donde los artistas que Robertón nombra, Johnny Pacheco, Blades, Tito Puente, explican que ellos lo que hacían era solamente música cubana. Esa frase mía tuvo mucho éxito en las redes sociales e incluso descubrí que, con la misma tipografía que yo elegí para mi camiseta, habían hecho variantes.

 A todo esto, Pablo Timba me contacta y me pide una canción. Me puse a pensar que ese sería un buen tema y estuvimos de acuerdo.

La vida, la magia de la vida, nos regaló una hermosa casualidad, o sea que los Van Van estaban de gira en Europa y, al Pablo Timba vivir en Italia, los tres días de descanso de la orquesta le permitieron ir a Milano desde su Sicilia y grabar el tema con Robertón. No la escribí pensando directamente en él, pero siempre con el sueño de que los Van Van, o uno de ellos pudiera cantarla, con lo cual realicé mi anhelo.

Trabajar con el talentoso Pablo Timba y su grupo Timbacalle fue una experiencia genial, y además el hecho que el ex Van Van Pavel Molina (actual director de Songomanía) toque el bajo en nuestro tema, es la cereza sobre la torta.

Estoy conciente de que el tema será polémico, pero al mismo tiempo no inventé nada, lo que escribí se basa en documentos fácilmente verificables. Con ese texto yo puse mi granito de arena para pedir respeto y, algo muy lindo, Robertón suele decir mucho, como una interjección, "¡cultura!"

 Así es que termina su último SMS que me mandó, por ejemplo, y justamente mi canción defiende la cultura, No hay mejor intérprete que él, entonces, para "Empieza mi son".

Para mantenerse al día con las últimas noticias de Pable Timba y Su Timbacalle, suscríbete a su boletín.

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Saturday, 19 January 2019, 09:58 PM

Festival de la Salsa en Cuba 2019

Artist Line-Up

Festival de la Salsa en Cuba 2019

The 2019 Festival de la Salsa en Cuba is only one month away. If you have any opportunity to be in Havana between February 19-24, I recommend you do it! As always the festival is a combination of classes, dance shows, excursions and the fantastic dance nights with concerts by Cuba's top timba bands and the best timba DJs from around the world. There are full pacakges including room and board, as well as just a passport to the VIP section of the nightly concerts, so something for everyone depending on what you are there for.

For those who purchase the package with the excursion, Maykel Blanco himself will take you to visit the music school Amadeo Roldán and afterwards there wil be a lunch at the Museum of Fine Arts. Dance classes will be held by Maykel Fonts, Sylvia Chapelli and Jennyselt Galata and dance shows by Guaracheros de Regla, Componedores de Batea, La FEU and La Giraldilla.

The 2019 edition is also the first to include the participation of a foreign salsero. Jerry Rivera will perform on the 20th, following Haila and Bamboleo. The Cubans love salsa romantica, so expect to find Parque Almendares full.

Click here to keep up with all the information about the Festival de la Salsa en Cuba, including how to order your tickets. Check out the video below to get it straight from the mouth of Maykel Blanco.


Concert Schedule  
19th Yasser Ramos y Su Tumbao Mayombe
Yumuri y Sus Hermanos
20th Haila
Jerry Rivera
21st El Noro y 1ra Clase
Issac Delgado
Manolito Simonet y Su Trabuco
22nd Chispa y Los Complices
Maravilla de Florida
Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son
Havana D'Primera
23rd Orquesta Aragón
Pupy y Los Que Son Son
Elito Revé y Su Charangón
Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor & guests
24th NG La Banda
Los Van Van (50 years) & guests

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Sunday, 13 January 2019, 10:15 PM

The Power of Cuban Music

Planning Album and European Tour

The Power of Cuban Music

ENGLISH: The Power of Cuban Music is the brainchild of pianist and director Gabriel Hernandez and vocalist José Gil Piñera (Gilito). The project features nine virtuoso musicians (see below), graduates of the famed Cuban music academies, with a long international trajectory and participation in various festivals, veterans of groups such as the Afro-Cuban All Stars, Cubanismo, Omara Portuondo, Irakere, Issac Delgado, and Paulo F.G. The Power of Cuban Music project brings these musicians together with a repertoire of their own original Latin Jazz pieces as well as a journey through well-known Cuban music with updated contemporary arrangements that highlight the influence of Afro-Cuban rhythms in jazz. 

The repertoire is includes danzón, cha-cha-cha, son, rumba, ballads, Latin jazz and timba. The compositions and arrangements are by Gabriel Hernandez and Alfred Thompson, with Gilito contributing some compositions also arranged by Hernandez and Thompson.

The Power of Cuban Music completed a very successful nine-concert tour of Mexico in the autumn of 2018 and have been invited back for 2019. Other plans for 2019 include a summer tour of Europe and an album for which they are currently selecting the songs. They will record in Havana and will include a number of special guest artist. Check out their EPK below for a taste of what you can expect.

For information about bookings for Europe 2019 contact Yaneicy Martinez.

ESPAÑOL:The Power of Cuban Music es una idea original del pianista y director Gabriel Hernández y el cantante José Gil Piñera (Gilito). El proyecto cuenta con la participación de nueve músicos virtuosos (ver más abajo), graduados de las famosas academias de música cubana, con una larga trayectoria internacional y participación en varios festivales, veteranos de grupos como Afro-Cuban All Stars, Cubanismo, Omara Portuondo, Irakere, Issac Delgado y Paulo FG. El proyecto The Power of Cuban Music reúne a estos músicos con un repertorio de sus propias piezas de jazz latino original, así como un recorrido a través de la música cubana con arreglos contemporáneos actualizados que resaltan la influencia de los ritmos afrocubanos en el jazz.

El repertorio incluye danzón, cha-cha-cha, son, rumba, baladas, jazz latino y timba. Las composiciones y los arreglos son de Gabriel Hernández y Alfred Thompson, con Gilito contribuyendo algunas composiciones también arregladas por Hernández y Thompson.

The Power of Cuban Music completó una exitosa gira de nueve conciertos por México en el otoño de 2018 y fue invitada a regresar en el 2019. Otros planes para 2019 incluyen una gira de verano por Europa y un álbum para el cual actualmente están seleccionando las canciones. La grabación será en La Habana e incluirán varios artistas invitados especiales. Echa un vistazo a su EPK a continuación para ver lo que puedes esperar.

Para información sobre reservas para Europa 2019 contacte a Yaneicy Martinez.

Piano, arrangements and musical director Gabriel Hernandez
Lead vocals Jose Gil Piñera (Gilito)
Alto Sax and arrangements  Alfred Thompson
Tenor Sax Jorge Brauet
Trumpet Alex Guardiola
Bass Cristobal Verdecia
Drums  Rey Nariño
Timbal  Antonio Portuondo (Pacha)
Congas  Reynier Limonta
Sound engineer Oscar Joya


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Sunday, 07 October 2018, 02:59 PM


Nonstop Events From November 8-18

If you can be in Havana the second and third weeks of November, you have the opportunity to indulge to your heart's delight in music and dance with three overlapping events El Rumbazo, 13th Baila en Cuba and the first Havana Salsa Congress.

Rumbazo Havana 2018

The 2nd annual Rumbazo event will take place in Havana from November 8-12. It looks like a must for rumba fans. Look at that list of participating artists including guest of honor Pedrito Martinez and special guests Dayamé Arocena dn Yissy Garcia & Bandancha! For information on how to participate, e-mail 

El Rumbazo #2, Nov. 8-12, 2018 in Havana from Ned Sublette on Vimeo.

13th Baila en Cuba

The 13th Baila en Cuba runs from November 11-16. This event is well-known now to Cuban dance fans, with high quality dance workshops at four levels including the opportunity to dance with a Cuban dance partner, as well as 5 open air nights with concert and shows. If you don't have time for the workshops, you can still buy a concert pass that gets you in to see Los Van Van, Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son, Pupy y Los Que Son Son, Manolito y Su Trabuco, Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor, La Charanga Habanera and Havana D'Primera. You just can't beat that!

Havana Salsa Congress

The first ever Havana Salsa Congress will take place from November 16-18 and reservations need to be made by October 15th, so if you want to participate, don't wait any longer! This event brings linear salsa dancing both - On1 and On2 - to Havana. there will be teachers from Italy, New York and Florida. as well as some Cuban teachers. The concerts will be:
November 15 - Adalberto Álvarez y Su Son
November 16 - Los Van Van
November 17 - Havana D'Primera

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