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Beyond Salsa Piano - Instructional Series


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sábado, 30 enero 2010, 02:57 am


Listed in ABOUT.com's Top 2009 Salsa & Timba Albums

After three long awaited years the Dallas, Texas based band Havana NRG (New Rhythm Generation) returns to the recording world with the sophomore release of “Receta Perfecta”.

click here to listen to sample tracks

This December 2009 CD release coincided with their celebration in Dallas at Cirque Night Club (6-9pm) where close to 600 patrons, fans & media will unite to taste the savory recipe that this hot young band cooks up before continuing their hectic tour schedule. It also marks the radio debut of the CD and as ‘defenders of the music realm’ we ask that you support Havana NRG! Cuban Orchestra this weekend by playing the opening track, “DIME SI TE VAS”, as the official launch of the CD.

Receta Perfecta made our friend Tijana Ilich's well read Latin music blog on About.com Top Ten Salsa and Timba Albums of 2009. Tijana reports: 

"Listening to lots of the timba albums that came out this year, I was disappointed with perennial favorites Charanga Habanera and even the new Los Van Van. Surprisingly, I loved Receta Perfecta by Havana NRG. Why surprising? Havana NRG is a young timba band from Texas -- not exactly the place you expect to hear a lot of timba. But this group of young, mostly Cuban expatriates makes the genre oh-so-approachable with infectious melodies and boundless energy. The album's timba tunes are clear and crisp. They also mix-it-up with other tropical rhythms, which adds to a well thought out album. The 'NRG' stands for 'New Rhythm Generation' and seems to be the prescription for putting new life to a genre that's rumored to be on life support."

Way to go Mariela, Maiquel and crew! Thank you for your continuing support of independent artists and their projects and the preservation of our music. If we do not do it ‘commercial’ radio certainly won’t!

Havana NRG!

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jueves, 28 enero 2010, 05:19 am

Volume 3 of Beyond Salsa Piano Live on LPM

Beyond Salsa Piano - The Cuban Timba Piano Revolution - by Kevin Moore - Vol. 3Volume 3 is now available in eBook and audio formats at LPM.

This one picks up the story after the Cuban Revolution. While 1950s Cuban music was thriving in New York as  "salsa", the Cubans on the island continued to evolve in a variety of eclectic directions.

Volumes 3 and 4 can be thought of as companions to timba.com's free online book The Roots of Timba, covering the same period from the pianist's point of view and paying special attention to Los Van Van, Ritmo Oriental, Irakere, Aragón, Los Maravillas de Florida, Orquesta 440, Opus 13, and Nueva Generación, the predecessor to NG La Banda.

Volume 3 also covers pilón, mozambique, and extensive appendix on Afro-Cuban folkloric rhythms

All told there are 106 audio files covering a wide range of tumbaos and exercises for feeling folkloric rhythms correctly.

Click here for a quick preview - and here to download the eBook and audio.

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lunes, 25 enero 2010, 07:05 pm

Sponsors Announced for RUMBANKETE Feb 11 Show!

Please visit the sponsors and thank them for supporting live timba

RUMBANKETE @ Yoshi's Oakland - Open Dance Floor - Thursday, February 11 2010 
14-piece All Star contemporary Cuban music (Timba) orchestra from Los Angeles

Many heartfelt thanks from TIMBA.com & Rumbankete to CUBAVERA and e.K. Clothing for their financial support. Participation from Cubavera, as the presenting sponsor, and e.K. Clothing as the associate sponsor allows contemporary Cuban big band music to thrive and deliver its cultural contribution to the community at large.

CUBAVERA - Presenting Sponsorshop online for CUBAVERA guayaberas, jackets, suits, pants & hats
Cubavera is a division of Perry Ellis International

Building on the success of Perry Ellis International, George and Oscar Feldenkreis decided to capitalize on the growth, potential, and appeal of Latin culture by expanding into a full lifestyle brand, and in 2000 launched CUBAVERA. Since its inception the Cubavera brand has transformed the ideals, joy and "sabor" of Latin culture into apparel. Taking authentic fundamentals from the traditional guayabera, the brand couples innovative fabrics and design for a new twist on a traditional staple. The line has developed from its signature shirts into a collection offering a variety of suit separates, shirts, jackets, pants and shorts.

e.K. Clothing - Salsa Dresses & Shoesshop online for salsa dresses, dancewear, dance shows & dance accessories 

e.K. Clothing is a Los Angeles based store devoted exclusively to offering REASONABLY PRICED social dancewear. Because we specialize in Latin dancewear, our styles are very popular with Salsa, Tango and Ballroom dancers looking for social dance outfits or practice wear. However, the wearability and fit of our styles make e.K. Clothing even more practical when looking for night clubwear, party attire and cocktail dresses. 

Click on the continue reading link below to get the full story...

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domingo, 24 enero 2010, 02:55 pm

Review - Animals of Cuban Music

Animals of Cuban MusicI am still way behind on my projects due to my five-week vacation, but I have finally published my review of "Animals of Cuban Music: salsa vs reggaeton", Jen Paz's second documentary in her contemporary Cuban music series. The DVD has been out since fall 2009 and really should have been on the gift list of all fans of Cuban music, no matter whether you like timba or reggeaton. For me the documentary is not about trying to convince anyone that one is better than the other or to make fans out of anyone. It is just an honest, unadorned look at what is really happening in Havana today. It also happens to be full of excellent concert footage from both timba and reggaeton concerts.  It is a must-see film for anyone who wants to keep up with the Cuban music scene of today. To read the full review click here.

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