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LA TIMBA LA TRAIGO YO - Nuevo Disco + Gira Europa de Robert Armas y los Conquistadores de la Salsa
Música tropical de Cuba y Francia - Rubén Paz y Chéverefusión


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martes, 12 enero 2010, 11:28 pm

Massive Quake in Haiti

The Richter scale is logarithmic, so while the 6.5 in Eureka knocked out David Peñalosa's power for a couple hours, the 7.0 in Haiti was truly devastating. Please help if you can.

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lunes, 11 enero 2010, 11:06 pm



Los Van Van - Miami Concert - James L. Knight Center - Jan 31

It was twenty years ago today...Juan Formell taught the band to play. Actually forty, and as far as Miami is concerned, its more like ten years since Los Van Van's last appearance. At that time the show was cancelled due to the protests that rang clear -there is an understanding between the Cubans who lost everything and have suffered in exile. In response to this, another message has also continued to ring true. Los Van Van is a group of artists that herald a lasting musical movement, used by many to get in touch with their culture and shun the political spin. Inside of that tension many wish they could enjoy the music more openly and that some of the barriers can be brought down.   

This picture is the present. One that would have been impossible just two years ago. Take a good look at it. Corporate America is behind it. Maybe you should be too?

Many thanks to Eli Silva for this outstanding photograph. An ex-trumpet player based in the Miami area, Eli writes music reports and has an extensive photo gallery here on TIMBA.com. To solicit his professional photography services you can contact him at photographybyeli [at] aol [dot] com. Te botaste con esta foto Eli.

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lunes, 11 enero 2010, 06:02 am



Our friend in Havana Chucho El Rey de la Salsa reports that BAMBOLEO's first concert of the year was attended by 3000+ fans, mostly 18-30 year olds and very well dressed beautiful ladies.  In his opinion the outdoor venue La Tropical is the "thermometer" by which the popularity of the Cuban music scene, and its reception in the world, is measured -if you can pack La Tropical you can pack any venue. 

He also reports that, after many years, master percussionist from Puerto Rico Giovanni Hidalgo is set to perform in Cuba along woth Orlando "Maraca" Valle and other music greats. He states that because Giovanni has a very special set of hands he is well regarded and respected by many percussionists in Cuba. 

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jueves, 07 enero 2010, 11:32 am

Tumbao Habana New CD

Mambo Duro

Mambo duroTumbao Habana's long-awaited CD, Mambo duro, is finally available to the general public. The CD was supposed to be released in the summer of 2009 but was delayed. It was available this fall in France but it wasn't until December that it came out in the rest of the world. We will have a full CD review soon but for the moment I will say that it has some killer tracks on it such as my personal favorite "Padrino", the title track "Mambo duro" and a new version of the beautiful anthem "A la familia cubana", this time as a duet with guest singer Alexander Abreu. 

As with past CDs, bandleader Pascualito Cabrejas has put together an album with a mix of music styles ranging from timba to son to bachata to ballad, which makes this a CD you can take with you to "latin" parties since it has a little something for everyone. Stay tuned for the full review. in the meantime here is the track list.

Track list: 
Y tu quisieras saber 
A la familia cubana (with Alexander Abreu) 
No hay como mi son (son)
No me conformo (bachata)
Ella no tiene na' 
Mambo duro 
Devuelveme la vida (ballad)
No te rompas la cabeza 
De que lado esta la luna 
La nena

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