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domingo, 06 diciembre 2009, 03:40 pm

Hablando con Lachy & Heikel

Lachy "very happy" & "El Chico Sexy"

For those of you who haven't kept yourselves up-to-date on the comings and goings in La Charanga Habanera, it's time for a few introductions before El Ciclón de La Habana hits the US. The band now has a five-singer line-up. The veterans are Aned Mota "El Charanguero Gozador" and Dantes Cardosa "El Ricky Ricón". The newest singers have already been with the band for over a year, but since the band hasn't been to El Yuma since 2001 they may still be new faces to you.

La Charanga HabaneraJunior, Heikel, Dantes, Lachy & Aned

Last Saturday, November 28th I took the opportunity to talk with Lachy and Heikel so they could introduce themselves to the readers of Junior was on the move most of the time so I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but you should know him from the very popular song "Mentirosa".

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viernes, 04 diciembre 2009, 09:16 pm

Somebody Slap Me

I'm starting to believe this is actually going to happen. I'll let you know when and if there are actual boots on the ground, but it's gotten as far as this cool site that counts down the days and hours:

Charanga Habanera in SF Countdown Site

Do I hear the distant rumblings of floodgates opening?

Of course, readers in Canada, Perú and Europe, must be rolling around laughing as they watch us poor yumas flailing around in agony and anticipation.

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viernes, 04 diciembre 2009, 01:59 pm


Rumors of a reunion appearance with Danny Lozada

Update December 4, 2009: En comunicación directa, Danny me informa que recién llegado a Estados Unidos de México el nos visita para cumplir su gira y presentarse en varias ciudades incluyendo a Tampa, Nueva York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco y Los Angeles. Pero el nunca ha sido invitado por David Calzado o por otra orquesta de Cuba a compartir escenario. Danny se siente muy contento de que se estén abriendo las puertas para todas estas grandes orquestas cubanas. Y que para el es un placer como espectador disfruntar de todos los conciertos que puedan surgir aca en los Estados Unidos. Danny comenta: "Agradezco mucho que el público desea una unión con la Charanga Habanera y que en la ocasión que me inviten oficialmente yo estoy dispuesto a participar."  

Charanga Habanera in Miamiclick on the image above to see the full official flyer

Further fueling the news that Cuban bands will begin a new US invasion, this new flyer has surfaced presenting David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera in Miami on Saturday December 26 2009. We know that Danny Lozada is back in the US after his concert at Yoshi's Oakland and rumors are flying that he will sing with La Charanga in Miami. Danny que nos comentas de tu polémica? Anyone with further info on this please write us. The venue is called Dolce Miami, located at 1501 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. For tickets please visit

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jueves, 03 diciembre 2009, 08:22 pm

"El Son" New Single from Donaldo Flores

Timba de Bordeaux, Francia

Donaldo Flores

France based, Cuban singer Donaldo Flores has released a new single -simply called "El Son" (listen to it here on RADIO TIMBA)- in anticipation of the release of his third album. Born in Matanzas, Donaldo's musical career started taking off when he joined la Orquesta Yaguarimu. Moving to Havana he worked with Orland "Maraca"Valle and then replaced Aramis Galindo in Adalberto Álvarez' group.  In 2003 he recorded his first album "El Solitario" and moved to Bordeaux. He is also known as the host of a radio progrma called "Llegó La Música Cubana" on FM 90.1 French radio. His European performances include participation with la Orqeusta Gali and the London based group "Ska Cubano". 

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