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Monday, 13 July 2015, 10:41 AM

Oderquis Revé Free Download!

500 y más

For the 500th Anniversary of Santiago de Cuba

Oderquis Revé

Oderquis Revé is celebrating his 66th birthday by giving us all a gift. A new single recorded for the 500th anniversary of Santiago de Cuba is available for free download at El Ratón Rabioso's ReverbNation page . I did it first thing this morning and it was a great vitamin kick to start the day!

Oderquis Revé está celebrando su 66o cumpleaños, dándonos todo un regalo. Un nuevo single grabado para el 500 aniversario de Santiago de Cuba se encuentra disponible para descarga gratuita en la página de El Ratón Rabioso ReverbNation. Descargué el tema hoy por la mañana y fue una gran injección de vitamina para empezar el día!

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Sunday, 12 July 2015, 12:08 PM

Meet Ángel Batule


Ángel Batule Ángel Batule music producer & DJ

If you've been listening to contemporary Cuban dance music at all over the past few years you have heard one name shouted out by a wide variety artists - "¡Batule!" Ángel Batule - also known as  "Batule DJ" - is a member of the hugely popular Cuban group Los 4 and also one of the most sought-after music producers, arrangers, composers of the new generation of Cuban musicians.

When the reggaeton craze first swept Cuba, it seemed that the younger musicians were leaving Cuban musical traditions behind. But recent years have seen a move back towards cubanía - a return to the Cuban talent for taking something foreign and making something Cuban out of it. Batule's music is a prime example of this. Having a father who was a sound engineer and a mentor named Tirso Duarte , Batule learned about the complexities of Cuban dance music and combined these with the beats that make the younger generation move - becoming a key figure in the timbaton movement. Although the songs rely heavily on electronic reggaeton beats, they also may incorporate rumba, salsa and even gears such as bomba.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I got in touch with Batule who is just finishing up a tour of Peru with Los 4. He agreed to do a little interview so we at could get to know the man behind the shout-out "¡Batule DJ!" Click here to read the interview in English .

Dale clic aquí para leer la entrevista en español.

Ángel Batule at work

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Saturday, 11 July 2015, 03:31 PM

More PMO Photos from Tom Ehrlich

Click here for Tom's gallery on PMO's show at Stern Grove.

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Saturday, 11 July 2015, 11:47 AM

JG - Que no me controlen

Album Review

JG - Que no me controlen Juan Guillermo "JG" is on a roll. In addition to being everywhere on the radio and in video in successful collaborations such as "Hello Baby" by Cándido Fabré with Larizta Bacallao and "Subasta de amor" with Osvaldo Montero, his second album was nominated in Cubadisco 2015 for Best Popular Dance Album by a New Group.

With "Que no me controlen" JG has established his own sound. It is youthful, positive, fun and above all very danceable. Guest artists include Kelvis Ochoa, La Charanga Habanera and Los Extraterrestres. It has a wide appeal with a mix of timba, timba romantica, tropical fusion and timbaton.  I highly recommend it for dancers and DJs. Put this on at parties and watch the dance floor fill up! Click here to read the review .

Dale clic aquí para leer la reseña en español.

JG said the band will begin recording their third CD titled "Sí, soy yo" in December. For now I leave you with the 2014 Lucas Award-winning video "Que no que no".

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