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viernes, 25 julio 2014, 01:38 pm

Osmani Garcia "La Voz"

Europe August 2014

Osmani Garcia Frankfurt 9 August 2014Osmani Garcia "La Voz" will be in Frankfurt on August 8

Composer/singer Osmani Garcia "La Voz" will be back in Europe next weekend starting August 1st with shows in Italy, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. He began his career at the age of 19 and has interpreted many different types of Cuban and Caribbean muisc as well as pop. For a time he was part of Paulo F.G.'s group. In 2008 Osmani decide to do his own thing and has become one of the biggest names in the Cuban urban and reggaeton scene.

Osmani is nothing if not controversial. His lyrics are heavy with not-so-subtle sexual innuendo with titles such as "Chupi night", "Emperifollarse" and "Se me va la musa (condón)". His song "Chupi Chupi" caused great debate in Cuba concerning acceptable lyrics and was largely the catalyst for the goverment deciding to tighten restrictions concerning lyrics allowed to played on the radio.

But as Brendan Behan said "There is no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary," and there is nothing more enticing than something that is censored. Certainly Osmani has gone from success to success and his popularity is undisputable. He has collaborated with artists such as Gente D'Zona and El Chacal and recently with Pitbull. His show is adrenaline-packed, sweaty and sexual. See below for Osmani's announcement of the upcoming tour. Click here to see the complete list of concert dates.

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miércoles, 23 julio 2014, 11:22 am


New CD This Fall!

Grupo Danson

Grupo Danson, under the direction of trombonist Carlos Pérez, exploded on the international Timba scene in 2005 with their debut album "Mi Música". The title track won them the Djembe Award for "Best World Music Track 2005". It has taken nine years, but Danson are back in 2014 with their second CD titled "Mezclando Culturas". Continuing their tradition of collaboration with other Cuban musicians, Alaín Pérez worked with Carlos on the production of the new album and even sings lead on a new arrangement of "Sabor de mi rumba". Mandy Cantero also guests on "Va y ven de hamaca", which is already on DJ turntables in Peru.

Carlos Pérez took a few minutes to tell us about the new CD and the band's imminent plans.

"We now have two singers, Ernesto Manuitt (ex-Klímax) and a Cuban singer who came to Denmark about eight months ago named Henri Benitez (ex-Pupy y Los Que Son Son). This guy is very young and a very good singer and we invited him to record a song that will be on the new album. We also have a new member in the group on coro and trombone. Her name is Teresa Villanueva and she is also Cuban. Our new pianist lives in Stockholm, so maybe you know him. His name is Oldrich Gonzalez and he worked in Cuba with Charanga Forever, among others.

"We were fortunate to be able to invite Mandy Van Van (Armando Cantero) to sing one of our songs, and that track is already playing in Peru. The overall production of this album was done by Alaín Pérez and myself. It was great for the group to work with Alaín, and his arrangements are formidable and have given a new flavor to the sound of the orchestra. So on the new album - Mezclando Culturas  - we will have four singers, and I also sing one song. (Alaín, Henri, Ernest and Mandy!)

"We have 9 songs for the album. The songwriters are Alaín Pérez, Alexander Abreu (one song) and myself. We have five arrangements by Alaín, one arrangement by Alexander and me together, and three of my own arrangements.

"Our plans are now focused on releasing the CD and promoting our music here in Europe and in the United States and South America. We will first release the CD here in Denmark independently, with a label of the musician's union (Gatway). Also we will release it at iTunes and other internet sales sites. We have a couple of gigs here in Denmark and Norway and we are trying to set up a CD release in Stockholm."

Grupo Danson is just putting the finishing touches on the master and expects "Mezclando Culturas" to hit the streets in August or September. While we wait, check out the title track!

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martes, 22 julio 2014, 01:21 am




ENGLISH: During his trip to Cuba in May, Bill Tilford received a wonderful collection of documents from EGREM and Colibrí related to their recordings that are part of Cubadisco 2014.  These documents are in Spanish, but Bill is also gradually publishing bilingual reviews of many of these recordings.  These documents and links to reviews that have already been published can be found in the From The Studios section.  Colibrí's documents are available here.  EGREM's documents are available here.  
These documents are worth reading, and the recordings that Bill has heard thus far are also all worth having. 
ESPAÑOL: Durante su viaje a Cuba en mayo, Bill Tilford recibió una maravillosa colección de documentos de la EGREM y de Colibrí relacionados con sus grabaciones que forman parte de Cubadisco 2014.  Los documentos están en español, pero Bill también está publicando paulatinamente reseñas bilingües de muchas de estas grabaciones.  Los documentos y enlaces a las reseñas publicadas se puede encontrar en la sección From The Studios  Los documentos de Colibrí están disponibles aquí.  Los documentos de EGREM están disponibles aquí
Vale la pena leer estos documentos, y de las grabaciones que Bill ha escuchado hasta hora, vale la pena tener todas también.  

ALSO:  Dayramir González Vicet's new project with Edrey aka Ogguere, the Afro Cuban Soul Rebels, recently premiered in New York.  You can read Ian Stewart's review (in English) here. 

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lunes, 21 julio 2014, 03:03 pm

Vancouver Cuban Music Festival

October 16-19

Vancouver Cuban Music Festival

Vancouver will host their first-ever Cuban Music Festival October 16-19 at the Performance Works on Granville Island! The festival is a celebration of Cuban culture incuding dance classes, screenings of the movie "They Are We", children's events and concerts. If you're on the west coast of Canada or the US this is worth the trip! For the full progam and ticket information click here.

Concert line-up:
16th - Waldo Mendoza, Pedrito Calvo
17th - Tanja Pantoja & Azúcar Negra
18th - Afro-Latin Groove & Friends, Sixto Llorente "El Indio" & Gardi
19th - Azúcar Negra CD release concert

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