Discography - 1984-88-The Juan Carlos Alfonso Period

1984-1988 The Juan Carlos Alfonso Period

Elio Revé - timbales
Juan Carlos Alfonso - piano, arranger
William "El Padrino" Esquivel, Héctor Valentín, Ricardo "Alfonsito" Alfonso - voices
Gonzalo "Pipo" Noroña - bass
Oderquis Réve - bongó, quinto, batás
? - congas
? - strings
? - trombones

We don't know how, when, or why Manolo Coipel and then Ignacio Herrera left the group, but somewhere around 1983 Juan Carlos Alfonso became the pianist, musical director and arranger of all the songs on the next 3 albums. Félix Baloy was replaced by the wonderful front line of Valentín, El Padrino and Alfonsito, and Silvio Vergara was replaced on bass by Gonzalo "Pipo" Noroña. We're not aware of any personnel changes for the next three albums:

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