1984-88-The Juan Carlos Alfonso Period - 1987-La Explosión del momento

1987: La Explosión del momento
cuban music, musica cubana
Areíto LD-4413

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  title   composer arranger lead singer
1 Salgado ch Revé JC Alfonso Valentín
2 No me cojan para eso ch Juan Carlos Alfonso JC Alfonso Alfonsito

Espero que pase el tiempo

ch-s JC Alfonso JC Alfonso Valentín
4 El palo de anon mer-ch Revé JC Alfonso Alfonsito
5 El ron pa' después s-ch JC Alfonso JC Alfonso Padrino
6 Injusta duda b-canc Enrique González-Freddy Solano JC Alfonso various
7 Ron pa' to'el mundo mer-ch DR JC Alfonso Alfonsito
8 Changüí clave ch Revé JC Alfonso Padrino


cuban music, musica cubana

The album title is not to be confused with the compilation CD of the same name - probably the most widely-distributed of all Revé's recordings.

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