Discography - 1988-199?-The Tony Gómez Period

1988-199? - The Tony Gómez Period

Elio Revé - timbales
Antonio Gómez - piano, arranger
"El Padrino", Yumurí Valle, Juan Miguel Díaz"El Indio" - voices
Gonzalo "Pipo" Noroña - bass
Oderquis Réve - bongó, quinto, batás
? - congas
? - strings
? - trombones

When Juan Carlos Alfonso broke away to for Dan Den, he took Alfonsito, and possibly others, with him. Meanwhile Héctor Valentín also left - first for Adalberto y su Son, and then to form his own group, which was quite popular for a while in the early 90s. El Padrino stayed, and was joined by Yumurí, Maraca's brother, who later had a successful group of his own, and Juan Miguel Díaz, Angá's brother, who, confusingly, shares the apodo "El Indio" with Sixto Llorente of Aliamén and Trabuco fame.

The new pianist/arranger, Antonio Gómez, was a monster and the group continued brilliantly in spite of JC Alfonso's departure.

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